26 August 2006

Changed it slightly but think it's more to do with colours. Probably larger beads for the eyes would help. Now I want to do one with a tongue sticking out and play with hair!! Perhaps that would help too. Below is a 'big ears' version and a 'small ears' version.

25 August 2006

Not sure about it now. Probably start all over again on this one!!!

24 August 2006

Another day, another play!!

I think I've cracked it!!! Forgive the nasty colour but I use up old and much hated threads when experimenting with new ideas. Here are the latest attempts. These faces will be for zip pulls for kids. Takes a kid to make these!!! I will next use bright, bright colours and beads. Keep watching for the final versions to be shown on a blog near you!!

23 August 2006

Experimenting with a new idea!!!

Three false starts but I had a better idea during the night. Yes, even dream tatting - sad, isn't it?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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