5 November 2020

30 Fandango’s

.Chilling out with the shuttles and time to add a few more Fandango squares to the ‘whatever it is’.  

I really ought to make up my mind about what I’m making here.  The idea of a sleeveless top appeals to me.  Something like a jacket?  I’m not sure.  All I do know is that it’s making a very small dent in the very fine sewing threads that Sue gave me ages ago!!!!  

If anybody has any suggestions for the project I’d be very grateful.  At the moment it measures 9” by 7”.

2 November 2020

One done and one to do

I’m afraid this blog maybe quiet for a week or two while BC3 adjusts his brain cells!!!
The first secret project is done and due to be handed over later today.  You’ve seen bits of it (the crochet posts) and I’m afraid that’s all I’m allowed to show.  

It was an interesting experience as I had to design a crochet piece to fit onto a template and then that was sewn onto another piece of crochet and another fabric.  

I wrote down the pattern as I went along which was another steep learning curve too.  All I want/need to do now is get back into doing something which doesn’t ‘strain the brain’.  

Bear with me while I adjust, please as I know you’re going to like what I’m working on next!!!

Oh, a picture of another part of the crochet project to cheer up this dull post!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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