26 July 2019

Is it or isn't it?

A bookmark or bracelet?!?!? 

Actually it will be whatever you want it to be!!!

Here's the second version and the top one here was tatted by Carol. The one underneath was done by 'yours truly' - moi!!!!

Now in THIS version you can see I've got three colours which means THREE shuttles, obviously!!! You may well think HEEEELLLLPPPP when I say this but I found this version to be easier to do than the previous one!!! 

I'll give you a clue!!! The DPR and SCMR are worked exactly the same as before - no problem there. The chain is then 'brought into action' between each of those elements and 'wraps' round the other two threads just like you do in the second half of a split ring. When the chain is done you just drop the shuttle into your lap and do the next element. Easy peasy or WHAT? All will be explained on the pattern - WHEN it's done!!!!

24 July 2019

The new bookmark

Now I started this idea waaaaay back in (probably) May at least. I had the urge to play with daisy picots and actually managed to re-vamp this page before my life went CRAZY!!!

Actually it could also be a bracelet instead of a bookmark!

Craziness continues for another two weeks so please excuse my lack of blog posts for a while although I think I've got enough to cover this week. I digress, sorry.

When I put that blog post up a friend offered to test tat it for me. THANK YOU, Carol. At the time I was hoping to get it up on my site within a week but, as you know, life decided that just wasn't going to happen!!!

I've used SCMR's and DPR's in this version which is the first one in the pattern. 

There is another version which Carol tested for me and (I apologise) a third which still needs drawings done for it. Once they're done it can all go on my site!!!

23 July 2019

First attempt to re-furbish

What, you may ask!!! There again you may not and probably won't be the least interested anyway!!!  I refuse to throw things into landfill or recycling until I simply HAVE to so this has become a new challenge.

The top picture shows one of my two 'travel' mugs. I've had this guy for some years now and use it a LOT. I 'charge' it with coffee and creamer and take it (or it's distant cousin) with me to the library twice a week as they provide hot water and I can then have a cup of coffee when we're teaching. 

This poor soul is looking a bit jaded now and you can see that the slide on/off heat resistant part is beginning to crack up. So I wondered if I could make a new one to slide on and off when I wash the mug. 

This is a first attempt with fabric that was at the top of the pile and NOT a good match or anything!!! The 'pattern' for it was made up as I went along (there is a shape to the mug!) - as you do!!! Between the inside and outside fabric there is some wadding stuff that quilters use. It works but I'm not that happy with it and am wondering if it's cause the fabric 'doesn't go' with the mug or what. I've got another idea that's lodged in with BC3 so will play with that too!!!

More sometime in the future!!!

22 July 2019

To summarise!

The final row is finished of the Fandango mat. It now measures 16" by 13" and consists of 30 squares (6 x 5).

Now for the facts! I have 22 yards left of the ball which was enough for another one and a bit motifs as each one required thirteen and a half yards. 

There were 414 yards (approximately) on the full ball of Cebelia and each motif required 8½ yards on shuttle 1 and 5 on shuttle 2.  That means 13½ yards for each motif.

Phewwwww.  The photo doesn't do it justice really as it looks as if it's on a slope.  I think that's because I had to stand over it to take it!!  In 'real life' it looks pretty cool so that's fine.  Now it'll go in the box for my kids to probably consign to the bin when I'm out of the way!!!

I now have to find another 'take with me' project to do.  That's going to be a strain on the brain!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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