12 October 2013

Inside the boxes

I will announce on Facebook when I've listed the Pop A Bobbin shuttles later today.  Hope that helps.

So, first I'll show you the balls of thread that I won from Handy Hands.  Here are just a few of the colours but all these are 'new to me'.  I asked for a lot of repeats as I get through so many.

Now for shuttles.  Can you see the new Aerlit ones with the 'hint of a tint' coloured bobbins?  They're SOOOO classy.
The colourful small ones are Barb's new Sunlit shuttles which (for me) would be wonderful teaching shuttles.  Only problem with that idea is that I doubt I'll EVER be able to part with them cause they're just SOOOO pretty.  Playing with them I couldn't resist doing an H H for Handy Hands!!!!!  I'm a big kid at heart!!

11 October 2013

Guess what's in here?

No prizes as this is just an ENORMOUS tease and I'm sure you'll all be able to guess anyway!!!!  

This box arrived yesterday and when I opened it I found the boxes in the box. 

No, you'll have to 'tune in' tomorrow to see what's inside the boxes in the box although you can guess what it is from the writing on them and the two balls on top!!!  There was more than just those boxes but again you'll have to wait!!!

10 October 2013

Change of plan for shuttles

I'm going to have to change the plan on the shuttles for Saturday.  I suddenly remembered that my family are coming over so I might not remember to set them going at 8 in the evening!!!! 

So, I think I'm going to just take pot luck and list them when I remember at some point in the early afternoon before everything gets out of hand.  This only means that I'll not be around to pick up on any problems - not that there are ever any. 

As nobody (including me!) will know what time to look in the Etsy shop it might be fairer too.  Comments welcome.

New in oiled shuttles are the Sycamore below.

9 October 2013

Shuttles and purple!!

Mainly today's post is to let you all know that there will be more shuttles in the Etsy shop on Saturday.  Eight o'clock in the evening (20.00 hours) and that's BST (British Summer Time).  This time I've got

AFRIMOSA       $28.00 each
EUCALYPTUS    $28.00 each
SYCAMORE      $28.00 each
IROKO            $28.00 each
YEW               $28.00 each
OAK               $28.00 each

Here's another of the Fandango squares which would make lovely coasters.  I'm still tweaking although you won't probably be able to 'spot the difference'!!!!  Not sure what I think about the variegated on this sample.  I'm in two minds about this.  One mind says yes and t'other says no!!!  Neither mind is related to BC3 - just in case you wondered!!!

8 October 2013

A week or two ago

Before I start - just couldn't resist showing you a card that arrived yesterday from my two bonkers friends - Pam and Riet.  I think they should go to Specsavers (English joke, sorry).

I mentioned (a few weeks ago) that I was working on the Fandango square again.  I had it in mind to make a coaster sized square out of the original.  

I've done that now and over the next few days will show you some that I've already made.  You'll see that I've added a central ring to the original motif and then the outer round (sorry, there is a cut and tie between the two rounds).

This second round sort of reflects the clovers used in the inner round.

7 October 2013

Final word!

Final words on my birthday but before I start here's another new TIAS pram from Nikki.
First of all a humungously huge thank you to everybody who commented on this blog and on Facebook.  I was gobsmacked at how many people took the time to do that.

We had a lovely, lovely family get together with my oldest daughter and kids and Liz too.  A repeat will happen next Saturday with others in the family who couldn't make it yesterday - so the party goes on!!!!

Just had to share two cards, Mr Google's contribution on my birthday and also a wonderful flower arrangement sent by Georgia.  WOW, was THAT a surprise or what.  I love getting flowers but that very, very rarely happens.  They took pride of place on the table.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.