10 October 2013

Change of plan for shuttles

I'm going to have to change the plan on the shuttles for Saturday.  I suddenly remembered that my family are coming over so I might not remember to set them going at 8 in the evening!!!! 

So, I think I'm going to just take pot luck and list them when I remember at some point in the early afternoon before everything gets out of hand.  This only means that I'll not be around to pick up on any problems - not that there are ever any. 

As nobody (including me!) will know what time to look in the Etsy shop it might be fairer too.  Comments welcome.

New in oiled shuttles are the Sycamore below.


Maureen said...

Enjoy your second party!

Willnnabel said...

dang-nab-it, I want one but I cannot hover around all weekend hoping :(

Barbara Payne said...

Ooo..I hope I can get one this time!! Will be looking in every so often :)

Barbara Payne said...

Oooo..I hope I can get one this time!! I will be checking in every so often :)

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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