9 October 2013

Shuttles and purple!!

Mainly today's post is to let you all know that there will be more shuttles in the Etsy shop on Saturday.  Eight o'clock in the evening (20.00 hours) and that's BST (British Summer Time).  This time I've got

AFRIMOSA       $28.00 each
EUCALYPTUS    $28.00 each
SYCAMORE      $28.00 each
IROKO            $28.00 each
YEW               $28.00 each
OAK               $28.00 each

Here's another of the Fandango squares which would make lovely coasters.  I'm still tweaking although you won't probably be able to 'spot the difference'!!!!  Not sure what I think about the variegated on this sample.  I'm in two minds about this.  One mind says yes and t'other says no!!!  Neither mind is related to BC3 - just in case you wondered!!!


  1. No flat ones this time?

    1. No but there will be next time!

  2. I Ike the variegated... Just my two cents. :-)

  3. Ooooo--I think this on is just yummy!

  4. Stupendo lavoro...

  5. I love the variegated, but I tend to like it better when I do the border in a solid color

  6. I love the variegated, but I tend to like it better with the last round or border being in a solid color

  7. NO NO NO We can't have two more brain cells that are not related at all to BC3 or each other, Just think what a muddle this could cause.
    I love it this pattern and the ay colour,s play with each other.

  8. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Hi Jane, Love the fandango coaster. Are you going to share round two with us or have you already and I just missed it? Happy belated birthday. Party harty at party # 2 ;-)


  9. Hi Sarah - this is the original Fandango with another round on top of it. I'll get the pattern up hopefully by the beginning of next week.
    Geraldine - I do have problems with BC3 and it shows at times!!!!


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