23 January 2016

Day 7

Remember that after day 6 you switched shuttles so the one you are starting off with today is the one closest to ring 15 or the one you weren't using yesterday!!!! Also you do not need to SS after SR16. Happy tatting and I'll be waiting for the pictures and comments!!! As always - please email me if you need help.

22 January 2016

Previous Tat It And See designs.

Before I start wittering on - tomorrow will be day 7 so get ready!!!!

Christine sent me a message earlier during this year's TIAS showing me these two pieces which are on my pattern site. The pram which is here and the sailing boat here.  I just LOVE the colours she used and asked her if I could share them with you all. This is what she said. 

"I recently finished tatting the pram and sailboat and thought you might like to see them.
They were fun to make, and good practice for split rings and SCMRs.
Thank you!
Have a great weekend!"

As you've probably realised, over the years, I LOVE bright colours but these really, really appeal to me big time.  Thank you for sharing, Christine.

21 January 2016

Heart bookmark

This is one of the things I've made with the Abbi Heart pattern. A simple bookmark. 

My problem is I keep making these little hearts and don't know what to do with them!!! 

I've been truly amazed at the response to this pattern. Perhaps I ought to remember to post in the groups on Facebook (not a place I'm comfortable in!) more often!!! 

The strategy (if that's what you call it) of posting in the tatting groups did lead to an 'interesting' discussion with a Czech tatter who tried to 'strongly persuade' me into putting her copyright on the way the beads were added in the beaded version.  She claimed that in 2007 she'd put this idea on her website and it was therefore hers. I did send her the link to this pattern which was uploaded in the same year but even that didn't convince her. Least I don't think it did. Very difficult to discuss such matters when neither party speaks the other's language. Anyway I heard no more yesterday so it must all have blown over!

20 January 2016

19 January 2016

New pattern out today

Tomorrow will be time for day 6 of the TIAS.

Well this should actually have been out loooooong before Christmas but I've only just remembered it!!!! 

Thanks to somebody somewhere on the internet yesterday selling a heart pattern it woke up BC3 to the fact that he'd never got round to uploading this one!!!! I've several patterns which need to be finished and put on the site but I tend to go wandering off on a new idea before the links and other 'stuff' has been done!!!

Anyway, enough rambling - here's the link. Oh, and here are some pictures of the heart. It's actually quite good value for money - except there's no money involved, of course!!!!

18 January 2016

Come dance with me

Look what arrived a week or so ago in my inbox. Isn't this cute?

This came from Elizabeth - least I think it was her but stupidly (I 'do' stupid very well, I might add) I've lost the email with the name.

I love this because I'd never have thought of putting pink tatting on a pink background but it works - and works well in my opinion.

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.