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18 January 2016

Come dance with me

Look what arrived a week or so ago in my inbox. Isn't this cute?

This came from Elizabeth - least I think it was her but stupidly (I 'do' stupid very well, I might add) I've lost the email with the name.

I love this because I'd never have thought of putting pink tatting on a pink background but it works - and works well in my opinion.


  1. I tatted that ballerina for my granddaughter when she was about nine or ten years old - she's now 15 and still has it on her shelf! It's a lovely pattern and very pretty in pink!

  2. It is very cute and wonderfully framed too!

  3. I love it. I have been thinking to make it for my 10 year old but I hadn't figured out a color or a background color. I really like the pink/pink colors together!


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