22 January 2016

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Before I start wittering on - tomorrow will be day 7 so get ready!!!!

Christine sent me a message earlier during this year's TIAS showing me these two pieces which are on my pattern site. The pram which is here and the sailing boat here.  I just LOVE the colours she used and asked her if I could share them with you all. This is what she said. 

"I recently finished tatting the pram and sailboat and thought you might like to see them.
They were fun to make, and good practice for split rings and SCMRs.
Thank you!
Have a great weekend!"

As you've probably realised, over the years, I LOVE bright colours but these really, really appeal to me big time.  Thank you for sharing, Christine.


Maureen said...

I agree with you - muted colours are elegant and classic. I think it's the fact that these two pieces are tatted in the same colour and photographed together that makes them so striking.

Madtatter80 said...

the brown is softening to the eye and it's always a joy to see same thing tatted in different colors!

GraceT said...

Lovely in brown! I particularly like the way the brown ripples across the body of the pram. :-)

ChristineAtAlchemyStitchery said...

Thanks for the compliment, Jane!
It is lovely to be featured on your blog. :)

ChristineAtAlchemyStitchery said...

For anyone who is curious, here are the thread colors that I used:
Pram: Lizbeth #20-168, Latte Foam, and #20-690, Mocha Brown Lt.
Sailboat: Lizbeth #20-603, Ecru, and #20-693, Linen Med.

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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