20 February 2010

Here it is!

Finally assembled.  Let me tell you about this.  

This was originally the lanyard I made to wear at Palmetto Tat Days last September.  Here's a previous post about it.

I'd left a picot at each end with the idea that eventually it would become a pendant.  

The motif in the centre is the one (well, the very central part) that I taught at Palmetto and the pattern is here.

As the original motif was made to fit in a 1 3/4" ring (which would be a bit unbalanced with the 'bulk' of the lanyard) I sorted through my stash and found a 2 1/2" pink bracelet.  Another round had to be added to make it 'fit'.  

With a bit of 'jigging' this motif would make a fabulous Christmas giveaway so I may even use this later in the year - unless brain cell 3 comes up with something else, of course!!!

19 February 2010

Do you ever have one of THOSE days?

Those days when you know exactly what you want to achieve but you never quite get there?  That was Wednesday for me!!!

Each day I have a 'tat plan'.  This is what I decide I want to do in the evening which is designated 'tat time'.  So on Wednesday I was going to tackle the first of two tasks that I'd promised myself to do.

Off I tootled into the 'other room' (in the afternoon) - that's the one where the tatting cupboard is.  I knew exactly what I needed and exactly where it was.  I tidied this cupboard up in September and it's kept that way ever since so finding the right beads and threads shouldn't be hard.  No, it wasn't hard - it was impossible.  In the end I grumped my way back into tatting corner and mumbled and fiddled all evening.  I experimented with adding large beads onto thread in a slightly different way and just generally did nothing.

Thursday afternoon I decided to have another look.  I found the beads in exactly the right place - where I'd looked the day before.  So the evening was spent making up the one task.  NO, it's not put together yet so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it.  It's BRIGHT, though!!!!

18 February 2010

The final dove

The dove is finally finished.  Thanks to Sally test tatting it for me I can now pronounce it 'done and dusted'.

Next question - when will it be available.

The answer is sooooooon.   The hats are being tested at the moment although I'm pretty sure they're fine.

All I have to do now is to get the web page tidied up and ready to go!!!

17 February 2010

Finally all three in PINK!!!

The patterns for the Sassie Lassie Hats is now done.  I'm going to put this on my web site at some point - along with the dove which I still have to test.  

Below are the 3 hats done in pink.  

16 February 2010

Last in the set

The last hat.  I'm bored with hats now although I now need to work them all again to check the text and drawings.

I like this one best.  I've never worn a hat.  I've got a very small head so the only ones that ever fit are kid's hats!!!  Well, as Nick says, I don't need a larger head as there's still plenty of room in this one!!!!!!  

MAY get that done this evening - we'll see!!!!!

15 February 2010

Hat number 2

Well as I THINK I mentioned before - the 'hat lark' started because somebody wrote and asked if I knew of a hat pattern.  Since then another person has written and told me that Mark has one on his site.  Here's the link.

You know what I'm like by now!!!  I can never be happy with just one thing at a time.  Brain cell 3 goes into overdrive when he gets started.

Here's the second hat in the 'set'.  Now, will this be a set of 2 or a set of 3, I wonder?  Here's a link to the first one, just in case you want to compare!!!!!!

This one is the right size to make into a pin/brooch. The flowers on the left side are worked as you go but I can 'see' other flowers added over the button holes and enabling you to tie the button onto a pin of some sort.  I'll be back with  probably a third hat!!!  Time will tell!!!

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Happy Beaks
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