18 February 2010

The final dove

The dove is finally finished.  Thanks to Sally test tatting it for me I can now pronounce it 'done and dusted'.

Next question - when will it be available.

The answer is sooooooon.   The hats are being tested at the moment although I'm pretty sure they're fine.

All I have to do now is to get the web page tidied up and ready to go!!!


Typstatting said...

Really love the bird you do such lovely work. I hope that one day my tatting will get better!!!!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, the Dove looks fantastic. I really like how you have the beads on the tail and wings!! Have a great Day!

IsDihara said...


Gina said...

Awwww....look at that worm in it's mouth!

Fox said...

Worm??? I thought it was a leaf! LOL!

Lovely white dove, Jane, whatever she is carrying!
Fox : ))

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Gina, DO get your eyes tested!!!!
Thanks folks - I hope to get it 'internet ready' over the weekend. Fox, have you heard the story about Noah? It's supposed to be an olive branch!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

It is a lovely pattern to tat in one go too!(except of course the olive branch).
Now why can't doves come in other colours?!!!!!

Imoshen said...

That dove is so good-looking. Once again you've made another wonderful animal tatting piece. ^_^

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I repeat again: This dove is gorgeous! Brain Cell #3 is on overdrive!!!

You are SO generous to share your work with the tatting community. On another blog site today, I saw your incredible kangaroo. (It was a site where you were interviewed and gave permission.) Just brilliant!

Are there any animals you haven't tatted yet?!!

Ridgewoman said...

Ah Ha! You had gone silent so I knew you were up to something! I do love the dove (I'm a poet).

Fox said...

I Noah'd that! LOL

Unknown said...

Very nice!!!!

Es el único elogio que se decir en inglés, sin ayuda del traductor,jejeje

It is the only compliment that say in English, without the help of a translator, hehehe

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Happy Beaks
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