23 March 2013

Roar, roar in a wimpish way

This is the penultimate doodle from the third cell belonging to my brain!!!  This is a little lion.  Again not a straightforward tat but quite cute.  Actually I think this one could've done with a bit of a hair cut!!!

Wonder where I've left my scissors.

Talking scissors - I've got two pairs of scissors (one pair kindly given to me by our own Diane) which reside by my chair in tat corner.  Why two pairs?  Simply so I can find one to use!!!  Both pairs seem to have a life of their own and regularly totally disappear even though they're right beside me!!!  Ah, maybe it's cause I'm SOOO untidy!!!

22 March 2013

My Weekly 1998 - trees again.

Here are the trees making another appearance a few years later in My weekly - 1998.  I remember checking if it would be OK and it was.  These were 'given' to the magazine as by then I realised that selling patterns was NOT for me.  Too much hassle and little financial reward at the end!!

I didn't want fame and fortune (good job as I'd never have achieved that by tatting!) so it made sense to go with just holding onto my copyright.  Problem is (I believe) that once an editor/publisher pays you then the copyright belongs to them.  No WAY, Jose!!  Not in my neck of the woods!!

21 March 2013

No milk today!

That's a note I used to leave on my doorstep back in my long and distant past - for the milkman.  

When I was first married we used to have milk delivered to the door but when my kids were young and I went back to work I stopped having it delivered.  Why?  Well it used to sit on the doorstep all day and in the summer would be rancid by the time I got back home from work. 

Now you're wondering what I'm on about.  Well basically - no milk/tatting today!!!!  Not because I've gone back to work - nobody would employ an old git like me.  It's because I've been so darn busy with other 'life things' lately that I've really not got anything coherent to show!!!

As the BBC used to say when they had a break in service - 'normal service will be resumed as soon as possible'!!!

20 March 2013


Well as some of you are already aware - I do have a gecko pattern on my site already but I really wanted to do a doodle one too!!!  This was a struggle and is not easy even now to tat.  Why?  Well it needs really careful awareness of tension on the alligator joins.  It's well worth it, though.  Least I think so.

I've added this little guy to the doodles page and here's the direct link too.

19 March 2013

More eggs!!!

Here are three more of the eggs.  I don't have these anymore - gave them to some people who are doing something for me at the moment.  I added invisible thread hangers first.  

Oh, I've had the odd day of sewing lately too and have listed one or two roly poly bags in the Etsy shop here.

18 March 2013

Two old birds!!!

The next set of doodles to hit the web page are these two guys.  I wonder how they'd get on together in 'real life', eh?

It always amazes me how the 'odd' ds here and there can either make or break a pattern/design.  I can't tell you how long it takes to make the smallest things - far longer than the big designs if you were to analyse it.

Being a 'bear of little brain' when it comes to anything to do with numbers then I'm glad I can't analyse!!!  Suffice to say that I spend a lot more time fiddling with tatting than doing anything else in my life - like for instance, housework!!!!!

Nearly forgot to give you the link to these two!!!  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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