22 March 2013

My Weekly 1998 - trees again.

Here are the trees making another appearance a few years later in My weekly - 1998.  I remember checking if it would be OK and it was.  These were 'given' to the magazine as by then I realised that selling patterns was NOT for me.  Too much hassle and little financial reward at the end!!

I didn't want fame and fortune (good job as I'd never have achieved that by tatting!) so it made sense to go with just holding onto my copyright.  Problem is (I believe) that once an editor/publisher pays you then the copyright belongs to them.  No WAY, Jose!!  Not in my neck of the woods!!


Jane McLellan said...

Shame about the fortune, but you have achieved fame in the tatting sphere!

Margarets designer cards said...

They could have put your name on the pattern, lovely tree pattern, I had a quick read, today you would put a split chain in, it's amazing how things have changed over the years. Nice to see some of the old patterns coming back.

Maureen said...

I remember when I first dicovered tatting - you had an elephant in one of the magazines, and it took SO long to make it's way to Australia - these days we get the magazines much faster, but I think I was waiting a good two months for that very slow boat with the elephant on board. It was one of the very first patterns I tatted, and I still have him!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Had I known in 1991 about the upcoming internet, I probably would have held off with my magazine publishing adventure. Even if they HAD published my patterns, I would have had to purchase the magazine and send copies to friends and relatives, because the magazine wasn't easy to find! (So much for 'fame'.) I'm enjoying all of your stories!

Jane Eborall said...

Jane - I live a simple life. All I need are threads and beads so a fortune isn't required!!
Margaret - a split chain and a split ring. I've got an amended pattern written out if you'd like it.
Maureen - I found the magazine with the elephant on too. That'll be blogged in due course.
Kathy - magazines are notorious for not publishing stuff even when they've asked for it. I had a lot of netting due to go out in one publication. It never did and they lost my pieces too. I'm afraid I don't like fame - I'd rather be infamous in Tat Land like I am around Stratford!!!!

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