9 August 2008


Oh, yesterday was SUCH a good day.  I managed to finally get all the web pages finished.  I just need an hour or so to check them out with brain cell # 3 on board and when I've heard from a friend about her pages I can launch them into public tat land!!  Whoooppeeeeee.

While I was taking a short break in the early evening I started to plan my next stint of sewing.  I found this wonderful piece of purple fabric in the stash that Aileen gave me.  Isn't it wonderful?  Am I going to be able to part with bags made of this?  I just need to buy some zips as I don't have any the right colour and then I'll make them up.  Meantime I will make more out of fabric which I DO have matching zips for!!!  That'll keep me quiet for a while today!!!  

Evenings - hmmmm.  Heading towards new designs but want to make some more tatting for the Etsy shop.  I made another dolphin to replace the one which swam to the USA the other day (now listed here) and have a 'half made' seahorse to finish today.  I may make another of each of these creatures and then perhaps it'll be off to see what's on my 'to do' list which continually grows and grows!!!


8 August 2008

Gina's mystery motif and more!!!

I think Gina Brummet's a bad, bad girl.  I had to send for brain cell # 10 to get this one sorted.  I even had to ask her for help!!!  How did I tat stuff like this when I was only 13?  

Anyway, I know it's against the rules but just as pure, unadulterated revenge I'm going to show you the results.  Find them below on the left.

I'm afraid I told a lie yesterday (didn't mean to, honest, me lud) about the dangle I blogged then.  I found the proper one which is really, really my biggest favourite and is the one I'm going to keep.  This one is worked in a variagated thread from the new Artiste range from Coats.  A thread I really, really love.  I used it on both shuttles so that the effect could be seen properly.    

Anyway, enough from me - here are the pictures of the mystery motif and the dangle!!


7 August 2008

The last for now!!!!

I think this is going to be the last sequin motif for now!!  I'll be honest and admit that I've got totally 'hooked' on making these!!!  I love this one and might just keep it for myself!!!!

I sold my last dolphin in my Etsy shop yesterday so will make another this evening to replace it!!!  I love these little projects although this one does take a long time to make as the waves are a bit time consuming!!!  Mind, it's what turns a boring dangle into more of a 'picture'!!!  I may well make a seahorse too but that'll be more than an evening's project!!!!  

Before I start either of those projects I'm going to have another 'go' at Gina's mystery motif.  I find these the most aggravating projects I've ever done!!!  I both love and hate Gina in the same ds!!!!  She challenges me to go back to when I was 'born' into tatting over 50 years ago - but without the pictures!!!  It's made me realise how much we all rely on pictures and the modern way of writing things down!!!  I even had to pull in brain cell # 4 yesterday evening before throwing down the shuttle in disgust!!!  Still a quick email conversation with Gina has got me back on track and raring to go!!!

Which reminds me - I spent  hours and hours yesterday making up web pages.  Several technique pages are 'ready to go' and two out of three patterns are 'almost there'!!!!

6 August 2008


Well this week has started out a lot, lot calmer than last week!!  I couldn't take another week like the last one!!!  

Right, yesterday I managed to list the rest of the 'made up' (here's the link) roly poly bags and have already sold one set!!!  I'm SO glad I kept the partner to that set!!!  This proves that sometimes I have 'good taste'!!!!

In the evening I finished off Mark's swan.  This is a SUPERB pattern (again, here's the link) .   Thank you, Mark.  I took a little bit of a 'liberty' with it and added an eye bead - just so the poor thing could see where it's going!!!

I also managed (because it rained nearly all day) to get started on building web pages for several patterns which are in my 'done but pending' tray.  Or, to be honest, forgotten for a while by brain cells # 1 & # 2!!!!

5 August 2008

Aother sequin idea

Although I made this one on Sunday I've only just re-found it again (it's been hiding under the scanner lid!) so I thought I'd share it.  Hopefully I'll soon get the instructions for this up on my pattern pages - this one and all the sequin ideas I've been playing with recently!!

I've made a decision.  Yes, I've managed it finally!!  I'm going to keep one of the turquoise butterfly bag sets and one of the natural/beige with tiny flowers on too.  I thought about keeping one of the 'blue with roses on' ones too but I'm going to have to part with some.  I'm the same with everything I make.  It takes me a few days to break the ties with things but then once the decision is made I'm fine!!!  So, later today (time and life permitting) I'll be listing one butterfly, one beige/natural one and two of each of the other sets.  Let's hope that I do get time!!

Meanwhile here's the latest sequin design on both a black and white background.


3 August 2008

These are my choices!!!

The first three are the bags I really, really love at the moment.  I keep dithering about which set to keep.  Anybody else want to help me choose?!?!?

The paisley and black print ones are waiting to be listed too.  I love those too.  

Once I've made up my mind which I want to keep then I'll list the others.  Although I've got two of each sort I still need to make up my mind.  I'm such a full time ditherer!!!! Isn't life hard at times?



I'm having a problem. My problem is the roly poly tat bags and pouches. I have in my handbag the first one I made. It's fine - a bit 'rough round the edges' but it was the prototype. Then I gave my sister my pouch last weekend (another prototype!!) so I decided to make myself a whole new 'set'. Great.
I looked through the fabric I have left. I've used all the nice stuff that Sue sent so decided that I'd have to make one out of BJ's kind donation. I made her order up and loved both of those. Would I make one like hers? Then I found a very pretty rose printed piece amongst the FQ's so made that up. Lovely - that's mine!!!  Well, that was on Friday!!!
Aileen's fabric then came along and in it there's this fabulous bright coloured butterfly print. Whoooopeeee, that's the one. I made that yesterday. Boy, is it bright - no chance of missing that in my handbag!!!!
Then I had a look at the other fabrics and found a lovely beige floral print which says 'Jane' all over it too. I'm going to make that up today. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be able to list anymore in Etsy as I fall in love with everything I make!!!! The pretty yellow and brown floral sets already in Etsy were favourites once I'd made them.  I didn't have much of a feeling for the fabric as it lay ready to cut out but once it was made up - WOW!!!!
I must be a funny old git but I do find it hard to part with these bags but it's great when people say they've got them and love them!!!!

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