3 August 2008


I'm having a problem. My problem is the roly poly tat bags and pouches. I have in my handbag the first one I made. It's fine - a bit 'rough round the edges' but it was the prototype. Then I gave my sister my pouch last weekend (another prototype!!) so I decided to make myself a whole new 'set'. Great.
I looked through the fabric I have left. I've used all the nice stuff that Sue sent so decided that I'd have to make one out of BJ's kind donation. I made her order up and loved both of those. Would I make one like hers? Then I found a very pretty rose printed piece amongst the FQ's so made that up. Lovely - that's mine!!!  Well, that was on Friday!!!
Aileen's fabric then came along and in it there's this fabulous bright coloured butterfly print. Whoooopeeee, that's the one. I made that yesterday. Boy, is it bright - no chance of missing that in my handbag!!!!
Then I had a look at the other fabrics and found a lovely beige floral print which says 'Jane' all over it too. I'm going to make that up today. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be able to list anymore in Etsy as I fall in love with everything I make!!!! The pretty yellow and brown floral sets already in Etsy were favourites once I'd made them.  I didn't have much of a feeling for the fabric as it lay ready to cut out but once it was made up - WOW!!!!
I must be a funny old git but I do find it hard to part with these bags but it's great when people say they've got them and love them!!!!


Tatskool said...

I don't think it's a funny thing.

I find it hard to part with anything I make unless I have a duplicate and making duplicates is no fun at all.

Nor can I buy just one item of clothing if it comes in more than one colour, that's too difficult a choice, especially if one of the colours is blue!

Tattycat said...

Repeat after me, "money for more stuff, money for more stuff, money for more stuff." You an do it!

Ridgewoman said...

Well, I'm in the same place. I could not choose which roly poly bag I have that I like the most. Since I usually have at least 3 small projects going at once. I have the Olympic tatting in the black bag with vines and tiny hearts; the paisley holds my Martha Ess "lady", and the grey with roses holds my large shuttles and beads and another small motif project/lesson. And one will all fit inside my little yellow bag with handles that Trina enclosed with my Christmas in July exchange.
Happy Dance!

X Bev

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Happy Beaks
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