9 August 2008


Oh, yesterday was SUCH a good day.  I managed to finally get all the web pages finished.  I just need an hour or so to check them out with brain cell # 3 on board and when I've heard from a friend about her pages I can launch them into public tat land!!  Whoooppeeeeee.

While I was taking a short break in the early evening I started to plan my next stint of sewing.  I found this wonderful piece of purple fabric in the stash that Aileen gave me.  Isn't it wonderful?  Am I going to be able to part with bags made of this?  I just need to buy some zips as I don't have any the right colour and then I'll make them up.  Meantime I will make more out of fabric which I DO have matching zips for!!!  That'll keep me quiet for a while today!!!  

Evenings - hmmmm.  Heading towards new designs but want to make some more tatting for the Etsy shop.  I made another dolphin to replace the one which swam to the USA the other day (now listed here) and have a 'half made' seahorse to finish today.  I may make another of each of these creatures and then perhaps it'll be off to see what's on my 'to do' list which continually grows and grows!!!


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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oooh! What beautiful fabric! I love the blue dolphin!

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Happy Beaks
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