28 May 2021

DANGER. Woman at work!

Good progress was being made on the new batch of roly poly tat bags until I had some welcome interruptions.  Well the first wasn’t welcome but it was expected - the death of the washing machine!!!!  That took time to find and order a new one.  

Whoever knew that buying online could take almost as much time as physically going to a shop - remember those?

Then there was the friend who decided she definitely needed a mobile phone.  She’s been talking about one for years but now was the time.  I went with her to choose and help her spend her money on Tuesday (I like spending other people’s money!)and then we’ve spent time together while I set it up and taught her how to use it!!!! 

Here are some pictures of the ‘woman at work’ and the roly poly bags may even be in my Etsy shop by the end of next week - after I've caught up with the huge pile of washing waiting to be done!!

27 May 2021

Leaves for Nita

Now my friend in Tasmania mentioned she'd got a worn patch in her trousers (that's pants in American!) so I asked her if she'd like a 'tatty bit' to cover the worn place.  These two leaves are on the way to Tasmania as I blog!!!  

I used a suggestion from Judith Connors over making these (I didn't use beads, though) and that was to put  split rings down the centre and that works REALLY well.  Thanks, Judith.  

The original pattern is from a Ruth Scarf's book and she kindly allowed this blogger to share it back in 2012.  I was disgusted to see that a person on Etsy is SELLING this pattern.  That makes me MAD.

26 May 2021

Progress on my zoo!!!!

I keep making small critters for my Etsy shop and they keep wandering off!!!!  I must admit there's something about making things that are appreciated by others and bought by them, for whatever purpose, that keeps the aged hands tatting.
Many times I consider giving up on making things and then something like the shop happens and off I go again on a roll!!!!

I do have another reason to keep going and that's a good supply of thread and beads!!!!  I'm trying not to leave too much 'stuff' for my kids to sort out when I'm no longer around!!! 

Here are some of the critters that may still be in my shop by the time the blog post goes live or may not!!!

25 May 2021

Last t-shirt finished

I'm sorry about the poor picture here but with the dull and dreary weather we're still having it's been hard to take any photos.  

I'm really pleased with this t-shirt but now need the appropriate weather to wear it in!!!!

These are the two patterns I used.  The Fandango heart doily and this edging.  

24 May 2021

I don't know why!!!!

But I felt a need to tat something straightforward and which needed little concentration.

By tatting my own designs some years later I pick up on mistakes or things which could be done better.  I think this one's OK but I was so enjoying it I forgot to check after a few rows.

Nothing complicated in this pattern - rings, chains and split rings.  Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  This is the centre done so now it's onwards and outwards!!!  Here's the link.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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