30 April 2021

Tshirt edging

I looked through quite a few of my books to find something which would look good on this VERY plain t-shirt.  
In the end I chose Mary Konior’s  pattern called 'Fan and Ribbon'.  This is from her book 'A Pattern Book of Tatting'.

More another day!!!

27 April 2021

Flying in

And hopefully flying out sometime soon!!!

I've been quiet lately as I've been working on the t-shirt trimming which I'll soon be able to show you.  

Meanwhile the Etsy shop is ticking over nicely.  It's just as I want it - occasionally I get a sale which means that I can plough that back into more 'stock'.

I'm very careful with using a facility like this and NEVER list something that isn't made and waiting in my 'shop box'.  Everything listed is already there - even if they sometimes get left under the scanner by mistake for a day and don't make it into the box until they're re-found!!!

This little hummingbird design is so cute but the wings are a bit 'fiddly' to make.  Still, keeps the old fingers (and BC3) busy!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.