16 February 2013

Snowflake 2 again

Well I'm still playing with this snowflake.  I'm like a dog with a bone and can't leave it alone.  Sheesh, that rhymes!!!  

As you can see this time I've used one of the shell beads for the centre AND it fits in a ring too!!!!  So, do I feel another play session starting?  Well I had to do another - just to check the pattern out!!!!

15 February 2013


Well I managed to get the pram back on one page!!!  The pattern is now here.  

I know it was originally on one page because that's the way I first did it but that was before I chopped it all up, messed around with it and then couldn't remember which was the original document!!!  BUT then you all tested it for me!!  

You see you've all been tricked!!!  What YOU thought was a fun tatting experience was really a HUGE trick to get you all to test tat the pram for me!!!!

Actually it's also been re-tested by Cheryl during the past few days too.  Thanks, Cheryl - much appreciated.

14 February 2013

Valentine's Day - a non event!

So today I present you with the 'not a lot else' side of my tatting blog!!!!!

These earrings (yes, there is a pair - somewhere) were found buried in a basket in one of my favourite charity shops.  I was with Sally at the time (a few months ago) and she didn't spot them!!!!  Her loss - my gain!!!

So they came home and have since been taken apart ready for Valentines Day.  What happened next?  Precisely NOTHING!!!  They're still waiting in 'tat corner' for attention.

I forgot to show Sherry last Saturday which may have made me do something with them if I had!!!  So, I suggest you come back next year to see if anything has happened to them by then!!!!

13 February 2013


A year ago today a big space was created in my life.  Miss you so much, Gina, my friend.

12 February 2013

Final round doily

Before I start - I have 52 people who have completed their prams.  THANK YOU.

Well I finished it.  Really enjoyed doing it too.

I stuck with the same colours that I used on this round.  Why?  Well I was limited to the choices of this type of HWT so that really solved the 'problem'.

I've put in an extra middle as you can see but I'm not really convinced it works.  Still as it was put in after everything else a pair of scissors will sort THAT problem out!!!  

11 February 2013

Meeting another tatter!

I was lucky enough to meet up with another tatter on Saturday - somebody you'll all have heard of - Sherry Pence.  She lives in America but is over here for a week or so with her husband.  We met up and I took them on a walking tour of the town.  Then home for a cuppa tea and tatting chat!!!

The picture below is Sherry in the mirror maze in the main theatre.  I take my grandkids here when they visit but suddenly realised that I'd got two slightly larger kids with me who may also like to see it.  Hmmmm, same as the younger ones - a job to tear them away!!!  This is a travelling exhibition which will be gone in April.

I had a wonderful afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed talking about y'all in Tat Land too!!!

Look what Sherry gave me too - one of her splendid new hooks.  You can find them in her Etsy shop which is here and when she gets back home later this week.

10 February 2013

Final day of TIAS 2013

Please don't forget to send in where you live and the threads used if you know them. The first picture is MINE. One of the many 'trials' I made while designing this pattern. NO, it had nothing to do with the Royal baby which is due sometime this year as this was ready back last November when that was only a twinkle in it's parent's eyes!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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