1 November 2014

Still not right

I'm definitely going to work on getting the pattern on my site over the weekend.

This version is another trial that Im not happy with!  

Not wasted as my little granddaughter thought she was beautiful and happily went off home with it!

I now know exactly what needs doing so it'll be a quick fix for the next one!

31 October 2014

Converting a hummingbird!

First attempt at converting the hummingbird into an angel!!! NOT happy with this one though so it's back to the 'drawing board'. It MAY look OK to you but to me it needs a lot more tweaking. 

30 October 2014

Thought for the day

If tatting is a 'lost art' then am I a member of an endangered species?
Guess I could be a dinosaur?  

29 October 2014

Christmas colours

I suddenly decided to do the Inside Out Snowflake in Christmas colours. Strange for me to do that but it seemed a good idea at the time!!!! 

A lot of the people I give the motifs too for Christmas never put them away but keep them out all year so I feel that Christmassy colours look wrong in the middle of summer!!!  That's my perverted way of thinking, I guess!!!

I made this one last week but only remembered to take a photo two days ago. Not a very good picture, I'm afraid. Still it gives an idea of what it looks like.

28 October 2014

What happened to the hummingbirds

There's a story behind the hummingbird pattern. First, as I mentioned the other day, I never thought I could design one because I'd seen so many really, really good ones on the internet and didn't think I could do one any better.  I'm definitely NOT saying mine's better but it's OK.  It'll do for now.

As you probably remember when I was over in America at Tat Days I was going to stay with my friend Joanie who now lives in Florida. Other times I've stayed with her she's been living in South Carolina and I've always been mesmerised by the hummingbirds at her feeders. She told me ages ago that there were no hummers in Florida (well, not often around her area) so I decided she 'needed' some. That's how the design was inspired - by Joanie missing her hummers. 

The picture below is what I made for her and took with me on my trip over the pond.  

27 October 2014

Another two hummingbirds

Another two hummingbirds which I made for a very good reason.  I'll show you the 'reason' another day. 

Meanwhile I've added the pattern to the site and you can find it here.  Why is it called 'Joanie's Hummingbird'?  Well it's named after Joanie who has hosted me on so many occasions when I've been in America.  There's more to come about our friendship in another post.

Due to judicious 'nagging' (not really - it was more of a suggestion) from Sally  I am now working on converting this into an angel.   She's 'into' angels and I'm not!!! Never dawned on me that this could be one but it will be shortly!!! 

In fact I started on it yesterday so should have it ready and on my web site by the end of the week.  I'll keep you posted on progress.  Not sure but I think it'll need a halo - what else does it need?  Suggestions welcome, please.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.