27 November 2010

Did you guess?

Remember me talking about this design a couple of days ago?

Well I had a few comments about this pattern and it surprised me!!!  Why?  Well it's one of my patterns!!!  

I was dreading that somebody would say that it belonged to them as I have seen similar 'out there'.  It could easily be worked covering the ring first, of course, but back when I did it I wanted/needed something fast to tat.

The original pattern (which is here) was made on a larger cabone ring but as I found out with the transparent one - it can be worked on any size.  Just work the centre until you 'fill up' the ring and then work your way out!!!!  I made loads of these back in 2004/2005 as giveaways.

26 November 2010

A present for MEEEEE

What is it?  Did it come in a packet from overseas or the UK? No, it came from somebody who's totally bonkers.  It came from ME!!  Ah, what is it you may ask?  Well, it's a magnetic bookmark. This is a new 'breed' too!!!  Happy Black Friday to Jane!!!!

Another small idea hits Tat Land.  No, it's not in my shop (although it could be if I got anybody asking for the new version!!!!) - it's in my book!!!!  No, I'm not doing a tatting pattern book it's the one I'm reading at the moment - a novel.

I thought it was time to treat myself.  I decided to 're-cycle' the test bookmark and make myself one.  What I REALLY love about these is that they never, ever fall out of the book.  Even when  you forget and chuck it across the room (not that I would EVER do that but I do have a tendency to fall asleep while reading!) this design of bookmark never falls out!!!  It's honestly the answer to all I've been wanting from a bookmark - reliability!!!!

It's the only thing in my life that stays where it's put - everything else moves around behind my back!!  Honestly.  I put things down in this house and they MOVE.  Everything does.  Before you say it - it's not my memory (that's my excuse!!) - I reckon this house is haunted by gremlins who are larking around with the aged brain!!!!  OR is it just 'me'?!?!?!?

Update on the post.  We're having a letter delivery each day (well, Wednesday and Thursday!) and mail from 2/3 weeks ago and a few days (there must be a whole lot in between missing) is now turning up.  Small packets?  Tat's another story!!!

25 November 2010

Bored with the Flurry pattern!!

I knew it would happen - I got bored with the Flurry pattern!!!  

So with shuttles still 'sporting' a few yards of the metallic I found a clear cabone ring and made this!!!!  Have you seen it before?  If so then please let me know!

Update on our local postal problems.  After no post for two days we got two deliveries of letters today.  These are at least two weeks overdue.  Later some neighbours got some of the small packets which are still 'stuck in the system' and the postie said that things were probably slightly worse up at the local sorting office!!!  

24 November 2010

Are you getting bored?

Two more of the flurries in the drop dead gorgeous thread.  I think I'm getting bored now but I still have a few more to do to have enough to give to folks!!!

Postal update.  We have had NO mail since Sunday!!!  I rang and filed an official complaint in the end.  Not at the local office but 'elsewhere'.  The lady said that this area was no longer 'flagged' for problems.  She's SO WRONG.  No idea what we can do now.  Mail is outstanding for nearly three weeks now.  Things we know have been sent or despatched via small packets still haven't arrived.  Including a cheque which I want/need!!!!  This is the result of 'rationalisation and progress'!!!!  What a JOKE!!!!

23 November 2010

I did it!!!!

I resisted the very, very real urge to recycle the Victorian purse  (cut it and chuck it) and finished all the tatting on it!!!

I was extra careful when tatting the second side and made sure that all the beads were lying beautifully before and after closing the ring.  That didn't work either!!!  

So I 'bit the bullet' and finished off the outer round which I used to join the two sides up.  The outcome?  It is IMHO just as bad as ever and is now probably doomed to stay like this for eternity!!!!  

I may line the purse but I don't think I'll put it in a clasp at the top as that would hide the beads.  Unless I line it with fabric and then add a clasp to that!!!  One day, maybe but meanwhile the whole thing has been 'laid to rest'!!!

22 November 2010

Just to make life more interesting!!!

First of all - we had MAIL.  Yesterday (yes, Sunday) our small packets (well, some of them!) arrived so the one I really needed can now be dealt with today.

This is the Flurry Snowflake done in my very, very favourite metallic thread which can be bought from Tatting and Design.  I've never got on very well with Lyn's cotton Turkish threads but this one is to DIE for.  It's so sparkly and tats up a dream.  This is where to find it.  

I'm going to make two more with this thread and then I want to try something else!!!!  I'm getting bored with this pattern now but know I'll go back to it again sometime!!!  That's what I do!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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