26 November 2010

A present for MEEEEE

What is it?  Did it come in a packet from overseas or the UK? No, it came from somebody who's totally bonkers.  It came from ME!!  Ah, what is it you may ask?  Well, it's a magnetic bookmark. This is a new 'breed' too!!!  Happy Black Friday to Jane!!!!

Another small idea hits Tat Land.  No, it's not in my shop (although it could be if I got anybody asking for the new version!!!!) - it's in my book!!!!  No, I'm not doing a tatting pattern book it's the one I'm reading at the moment - a novel.

I thought it was time to treat myself.  I decided to 're-cycle' the test bookmark and make myself one.  What I REALLY love about these is that they never, ever fall out of the book.  Even when  you forget and chuck it across the room (not that I would EVER do that but I do have a tendency to fall asleep while reading!) this design of bookmark never falls out!!!  It's honestly the answer to all I've been wanting from a bookmark - reliability!!!!

It's the only thing in my life that stays where it's put - everything else moves around behind my back!!  Honestly.  I put things down in this house and they MOVE.  Everything does.  Before you say it - it's not my memory (that's my excuse!!) - I reckon this house is haunted by gremlins who are larking around with the aged brain!!!!  OR is it just 'me'?!?!?!?

Update on the post.  We're having a letter delivery each day (well, Wednesday and Thursday!) and mail from 2/3 weeks ago and a few days (there must be a whole lot in between missing) is now turning up.  Small packets?  Tat's another story!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Its lovely, and a lovely present to yourself. its nice to give yourself something for a change.
!!!! Have a nice day, hope its not too cold where you are, Do you have any snow yet? Margaret

God's Kid said...

That is an awesome looking bookmark!!!
Maybe you ought to make everything in your house magnetized to it will all stay in place(just kidding) :D
Have an awesome day! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Great idea, God's Kid!!!!! No snow yet, Margaret - couldn't find your email addy on your blog again or I'd have stopped by for a chat!!!!!

Ladytats said...

very nice Jane, you deserve a treat just for your self. I find myself grabbing all the trowaway bits to use for book marks, then I don't mind if they get lost or left in the book. but having a really nice bookmark might make all the difference.

TAT19540 said...

Hey you have the same gremlins and black holes that keep popping in and out as I do! At least that is the excuse I use. lol.
I love the butterfly bookmark! The colors are lovely!

Anne said...

Love the green combinations in the book marks. I expect you are using some in your tatting books?


Karrieann said...

Jane.. what if you attach the butterfly at the other end.. the head end? The reason I even brought this up... it would be upside down when in place. Know what I mean? I think the butterfly is beautiful though!

Anonymous said...

Jane, did you actually send yourself the package?

It's pretty... you deserve it ! lol

I have the same thing happen in my house. I put something somewhere and when I go back to get it... it's gone!

Love the colors of the butterfly

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