13 November 2020

More bells

I’ve been busy doing a few more bells as well as the Fandango ‘whatever it is’ but I’ve hit the skids on what I was planning.
Somewhere I’ve got a dangle with bells and leaves but I’m darned if I can find them.  I’ve hunted high and low for the little box with them in but they’ve hidden themselves really well.  My heart really isn’t in making anymore until I find the missing ones.  This is what I’m looking for.

This is what I’ve got so far - sorry, not a good picture.

Oh, just looked at the date - it’s Friday 13th so maybe I’ll buck the trend and be lucky enough to find the missing bells.  Keep your fingers crossed, please.

11 November 2020

Still plodding on

I've not a lot to show you again this week but hope to be back in full production 'mode' shortly!!!!  
This is the progress I've made on the Fandango project.  

It doesn't look a lot but I really must decide soon what it's going to be!!!  

9 November 2020

Well, well, well!!!!

As you ALL know - America is a BIG place.  I've been so lucky to visit many times over the years and have seen a few parts of the country but it amazes me that suddenly I find that Palmetto Tatters (the main reason for my visits) have moved their venue.  

After Tat Days in 2014 I was 'kidnapped' and taken to the mountains at Lake Junaluska for a few gloriously lazy tatting days.  Wonderful memories of very dear friends.  
Palmetto have had to move from Toccoa in Georgia (because the Baptist Centre there is being sold) and are now going to Lake Junaluska which is near Waynesville in North Carolina.

I've decided not to apply to teach next year as I'm still very wary of the Covid virus but I WILL be trying for a place in 2022!!!  Already got two patterns lined up!!

Well done my lovely Palmetto friends.  Here are a few photos I took when I was there in 2014.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.