14 August 2010

Last one until the next time!!!

This will be the last seahorse until the 'urge' comes upon me again!!!!  

Actually this started out in my Etsy shop as 'just a seahorse' and when a friend bought it I asked if she wanted it in a ring - like the last one she bought.  She said yes and I was delighted and surprised to see how well the green seahorse looked with green seaweed.  

I'm still struggling with my new Christmas dangle idea.  I'm not happy with it yet.  As usual I'm trying to do something 'different' and things like that take time, time and more time and the rubbish bin gets fed regularly with rejects!!!  

Hopefully next week I'll be able to show some of the bags I've finished.  I listed one new set (and two pairs of earrings) in the shop yesterday.  Why only those?  Well we had to go to the tip with the rubbish out of the shed that Nick had cleared out.  

Once we'd done that a trip out for lunch seemed appropriate!!!  

13 August 2010

Thinking about Christmas!

Daft as it may seem I'm already thinking about Christmas!!!!  I don't 'do' much for Christmas as I'm not 'into' religion but I do love to give things so it's a good excuse to make and give stuff.

Currently I'm quietly working on a giveaway which goes to my friends with a letter but also between times thinking of stocking up my Etsy shop.

So, a few days ago I sat down and listed a robin.  Little stinker didn't stay long and is now winging his way across the pond to his new owner.   Back to making another one two evenings ago.  Here he is in his winter plumage.  

He's in the shop now and shortly to be joined by two more pairs of earrings!!!

12 August 2010


I have a grandson who is terrified of Dr Who!!!!  He's seven and doesn't like the programme at all.  So, what did he ask Nanny Stratford for?  A dalek!!!

Here's the dalek I've made for him.  

He also asked for a pink horse for his sister, Abbi which is below.  That little lad is so thoughtful - he always thinks of his sister.  The pattern is here (for the horse) if you want it.

11 August 2010

Roly Poly Tat Bags - part 2

Here are the other 3 bags I did as a thank you to Carolyn.

She said she's going to have a job to know which ones to keep and which to give away and I'm having a hard time parting with ANY of them.  I LOVE the middle floral one but the paisley calls me too.  

So, to take my mind off them I'm going to sew more!!!  I can (if pushed!!) get two 'sets' done in a day but it's an 'eyes down, fingers busy' situation for the WHOLE day until 'tat time'!!!!  

Not today, though.  Too many distractions going on which have to be sorted!!!!

I've got another set of chocolate fabric cut out for an order and the most amazingly sweet (not in sweet/candy sweet but in very appealing) set with little ...... all over.  NO, I'm not telling -  you'll have to wait a few days to see that set.  It'll go into my Etsy shop eventually unless  I get 'persuaded' otherwise!!!!

10 August 2010

Problems with badgers - again!!!

You might think I've got a 'thing' about badgers.  Well, yes I do!!!  I really like these creatures.

A few years ago I was contacted and asked to make two bookmarks for a new book coming out so I knuckled down and did a badger and a fox bookmark and submitted them.  Sadly the lass who was putting the book together went off (please take a deep breath before reading further) and has left tat land (hopefully temporarily) for another craft.  

So, when approached to offer something for another pattern book, I thought of my long lost badger and asked the original lass if I could 'have it back' so to speak.  Deal done!!!!

I've made the badger head SO many times as brooches for friends that I almost know it in my sleep!  Thus when it said IN THE NEW BOOK that 'the head of the badger is 3D' I thought I'd better make it AGAIN.  

No, it's NOT 3D - no way and never has been!  There - that's straight from the horse's mouth.  OR, should that be badger's designer?  I approached the editor and said that it wasn't 3D but she still insists it is!!!!  Perhaps whoever test tatted it did it wrong.  Who knows.

Here's yesterday's FLAT badger bookmark.  Remember.  It's FLAT.

9 August 2010

Roly Poly Tat Bags

I'm going to tell you a story - a true one.

A friend in the USA (Carolyn) told me she was going to send me some fabric to make her some bags and that anything left over I could have for myself.  VERY fair as to buy the sort of fabrics I've seen in the USA is impossible here in the UK unless you're very lucky to live near a good fabric shop.  Although we have a shop in the town it doesn't stock many fabrics and certainly not the sort of fun ones I'm forever looking for!!!

Anyway I got back from shopping the other day and there was this HUGE box in the hall waiting for me.  Inside was the most AMAZING selection of fabrics I've ever seen.  Talk about fabric heaven - I thought I'd died and gone there.

Anyway here are a few of the bags I've made for Carolyn.  Don't you just LOVE the top one covered in chocolate?  How very appropriate for tatters, eh?  (There's more of that print in the box too!!!).

The second one has shuttles all over it and the third - dog paw prints.  Hopefully I'll get the aged body to show you others of the huge selection over the next week or so.  There are some truly stonking great colours and patterns.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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