10 August 2010

Problems with badgers - again!!!

You might think I've got a 'thing' about badgers.  Well, yes I do!!!  I really like these creatures.

A few years ago I was contacted and asked to make two bookmarks for a new book coming out so I knuckled down and did a badger and a fox bookmark and submitted them.  Sadly the lass who was putting the book together went off (please take a deep breath before reading further) and has left tat land (hopefully temporarily) for another craft.  

So, when approached to offer something for another pattern book, I thought of my long lost badger and asked the original lass if I could 'have it back' so to speak.  Deal done!!!!

I've made the badger head SO many times as brooches for friends that I almost know it in my sleep!  Thus when it said IN THE NEW BOOK that 'the head of the badger is 3D' I thought I'd better make it AGAIN.  

No, it's NOT 3D - no way and never has been!  There - that's straight from the horse's mouth.  OR, should that be badger's designer?  I approached the editor and said that it wasn't 3D but she still insists it is!!!!  Perhaps whoever test tatted it did it wrong.  Who knows.

Here's yesterday's FLAT badger bookmark.  Remember.  It's FLAT.


TAT19540 said...

Yes I would say he is very flat, but cute! But then maybe I don't know what 'their' definition of 3d is.

Riet said...

I am tatting that badger from that new book and mine is flat too. What I don't understand is, When you publish after you test tatted it and the project comes out different from the picture you got from the designer that you don't contact the designer to ask where you made a mistake. That is the way and than there will not be a mistake in the book.
This problem, changing patterns or putting remarks in the pattern without contacting the designer is one of my big fights in your language you call it pursue one's hobby.
There are tatting guilds who do it well But there also are guilds who don't.
But Jane your Badger is FLAT

Maureen said...

I saw that badger on Saturday, at the QLD Tatter's meeting - and the book will be on it's way to me soon!It does actually LOOK rather 3-D in the original picture, maybe it's been specially posed that way?
Much nicer flat, though.

Crazy Mom! said...

oooo - darling!

Tatfully Yours said...

Your badger looks great and flat to me. He looks like something I drove past on the road the other day. He was flat too. Hope he rests in peace!

Margarets designer cards said...

your badger looks brillant and flat to me but a bookmark is flat to me, I dont know what some people call 3d, perhaps not what we call 3d, but he looks great as he is. Margaret

Corina said...

I love the badger, even though it looks very flat to me!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I LOVE him! So where do the rest of us find this book, Jane?

Tatman said...

cool! Round out the belly and add a fluffy tail continuing the white stripe and you have a skunk. They are just as adorable! I am sure you already thought of this and have tatted it up ;)


Tatman said...

OH.....and I need to get my 3D glasses on to make it look as such LOL!!!!

God's Kid said...

I don't know what he is supposed to look like, but I think he makes an awesome bookmark! 3-D wouldn't work well as a bookmark I don't think. :)

Marty said...

I showed your badger to my brother, and he said, "Hmmmm...flat badger. Great, with a longer tail to go with the stripe it would be skunk road kill." He's not funny.

Ridgewoman said...

oooh my all these 'roadkill' remarks, kill my appetite for that book! LOL

But I LOVE my Badger bookmark…he is well tucked into my Bible..in the sections that says, "Consider the lilies of the field" He is with flowers and birds. And he is FLAT.

Like Riet, it is beyond me how people can 'correct' the designer about their design. Watch out our you will be 'banned' LOL (inside jk)

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