31 August 2018

The diamond project continues

And continues and continues!!! 

The end is nigh!!! No, not the end of the world but the end of the project.  I think!

I've done all the green diamonds so it's time to do an edging. I've got one and a bit sides done on this edging but I now think it'll need another row to make it a 'proper' edge.  You can see that I've left a triangular 'gap' where the two flowers meet on the outside.  I could've dived in and out of that triangular part but I thought I'd keep it to reflect the 'bare' diamonds in the rest of the project.  

I think a side takes me an evening but I'll let you know if I remember.

Posts maybe a little haphazard for a week or so as I've other 'stuff' to sort out but we'll see!!!!

29 August 2018

Thank you brooch

Having struggled with (and finally done) the purple earrings and whilst I had the thread and beads out I thought I'd go in search of a two hole, one inch button.

I used to have lots of this size but they've mostly been used for similar brooches so I was VERY surprised to find I had just a few left AND a purple one too!!! Out it came and I used this pattern (with the new joining technique) to make the brooch below.

That new joining method may take a little more thought but it really does settle the join onto the edge of the buttons.  

28 August 2018

Another mermaid!

Well, well, well. Whoever would have thought that another mermaid would arrive in late August.

For any new readers I must explain that this was a game I made up each year for everybody to play. The final one was last year (tenth year, I think). It was called the Tat It And See (TIAS) and a small portion of a new pattern was released every few days for free and for fun for anybody to take part in. 

I felt it had run it's time but that's not to say it won't happen again sometime in the future although I've got no plans for this next January. 

I digress - as usual, I hear you say! 

The point of this post is that I've had a new mermaid arrive from Axa. Here's the link to the TIAS blog and also to her post too.

27 August 2018

Isn't packing boring?

I wish it was the normal packing that I do at this time of the year when I'm heading out of the country to America or Canada to visit Palmetto Tat Days or the Fringe Tat Days. That packing isn't boring at all.  

I'm really, really regretting taking this year off from doing a trip. Part of my 'reasoning' was that it would give me longer to prepare some interesting new patterns for next year but guess what? It hasn't started yet!!!!

The packing I'm talking about is for the sale in the library in October. I'm gradually labelling everything, pricing it and putting it in my suitcase to wheel down the road. I just hope I don't have a suitcase full to bring back home with me!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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