12 November 2011

More fun with the 'bits' of metal

Well here's what I did with more of those metal 'bits'.  I wish I could find another necklace or source for this type of finding cause I've really enjoyed making this.  Challenging and a few 'changes of mind' in the progression of it.  Actually since scanning this I've cut out the middle one on one side and re-made it!!! I suddenly realised that one side was two very, very tiny links in the chain longer than the other - I couldn't leave it like that!

I think I've JUST got enough 'bits' to make another - all of this for just 99 pence and a small amount of thread and a few beads.  Oh, and a bit of patience and time and a decent pair of scissors!!

Tat's tatupcycling for you!!!

10 November 2011

More motifs

Here are four more that I did last week.  There are four at the moment but I'm not sure they'll stay as they are!!!  I'm thinking of taking the scissors to one or two of them to re-do.  My favourite is the one at the bottom!!!

I really don't know what I'm going to do with all the things I make - it's beginning to bug me!!!  I've nobody to give them to and they don't sell and I'm also not very good at selling anyway!

Wait til you see the next one!!!  There's a teaser for you!

9 November 2011

Square centres

What is the name of this game?  Using old things and re-modelling them.  Is it re-modelling, re-cycling, up-cycling or what?

As I can't decide I'm going to call it re-up-tatting. 

The centre of this motif is part of this necklace (I think there were 16 of these in the whole thing) which I found in a charity shop in Cheltenham.  With the aid of a pair of pliers and some time I took it apart as I thought I'd be able to make something out of them.  Well, here it is - the first trial.  I'm not totally happy with this yet but I'm sure somebody will like them one day!!  Either that or they'll get cut up again and re-up-tatted!!!!

I couldn't decide which way round it should go!!!

8 November 2011

3D Snowflake

Now I made this snowflake some years ago and the earliest I can find it on the internet (via the wayback machine) is 2002 which is nearly ten years ago.

I was looking for a decent picture to put on the 'celebration' link on my pattern pages and couldn't find one anywhere.  Then I also realised that I've got this on the Jewellery page as I did make it into an earring too.  This led me to make it again (see below) and I then realised why there isn't a decent picture!!!  It's almost impossible to take a photo as it's tiny and 3D!!!

So, while I was working on it I did the 'usual' and re-vamped the page too.  I also doubled up on the stitch count to see if that would work too and - eureka - it did!!!  This makes it a bit larger and ideal for a Christmas tree ornament.  I've now got a link to it from the celebration pattern page too and it can be found here.  Oh, the larger one worked in a 20 thread works out to about 1 1/2".  

7 November 2011

Don't look if you're squeamish

I'm issuing a warning for those of you who may be squeamish!!!!  I'm going to show you something dead - VERY dead.

This once was a necklace.  Yup, believe it or not it was.  Sadly it ended up in a charity shop in Cheltenham and looked SO sad and neglected that I bought it and brought it home.  Now maybe YOU think there's a happy ending.  Well, no, not yet.

When I got home I got out my pliers and KILLED it properly DEAD!!!!  These are the mortal remains!  

The little brassy square 'bits' are really pretty with a sparkly stone (no, I assure you, it's not a diamond!) in the middle.  

Wait til you see what happened next!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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