19 July 2014

Cabone experiment part two!!!

So, after the last experiment with using a loom band instead of a cabone ring here, I decided it was worth another go at another pattern!!! 

This time I chose this one as I've always liked it and it's relatively straightforward to make!!!!

It's quite frightening when I see the dates on designs and it's good to go back and re-visit them in case they need updating or 'repairing'!!!! 

Again the only 'difficulty' with using the loom bands is the same as before - you need to allow the join some laxative (no, I know that's not the right word!!) to let it move if necessary along the band. Now, what is the right word - DOH, gone again!!!

18 July 2014

A bracelet

I've been very, very busy for the last couple of days so haven't posted. Bet you were glad of the break from my innate ramblings!!!!

Anyway - this is a bracelet I made for my Tasmanian friend who has been staying with us for the last two days. Here is the link to the pattern.

I hope to be back to 'normal' with another post tomorrow. Meanwhile I'll leave you with this 'interlude' post!!!!!!

15 July 2014

Gina's patterns

A few weeks ago a friend approached me and suggested that I could use some of my web space to showcase Gina's patterns. I'm sure we'd discussed this before and I must've forgotten!!! My 'remembering' has never been very good and as I've got older it's become even more like a sieve!!!!!

So, she sent me the patterns that she'd saved from Gina's blog links before they stopped 'being there'.

For those of you who haven't heard of Gina before - she was a very dear friend to many, many of us and I had the pleasure of spending time with her on several occasions.  This wasn't easy to arrange as she lived in America and I'm in England!  Gina was a prolific crafter and tatter extraordinaire.  She shared her thoughts and work on her blog here. 

Sadly she died waaaaay too young just over two years ago. Even when she was going through the trials of chemo and radiation she kept her sense of humour and hope.  Just after she found out she was in remission she got pneumonia and the outcome was then sadly inevitable.

This is my tribute to her (with permission from her family) in the only way I know and in order to keep my very fond memories of her alive.  If anybody else has further Gina patterns I would happily add them to the site.

The picture is the only one either of us took when we last met in Cincinnati.  Sunflowers always remind me of her now.

14 July 2014

Last post on the bag!!!

Now what to do with the loom bands that I made - easy answer!! Sew them onto the new jeans bag!!! 

I think they look OK but that'll have to do now as I'm bored with that game!!

Next bit of fun will be working out exactly what I'm going to do with all the geckos I've made!!! I know that I've got to do something with them or they'll be lurking in a box somewhere until I fall off my perch!!! 

So, first problem solved - what do I sew them on to!!! I found a lovely piece of linen fabric that's been lurking in my sewing stash for years and years. Now, what next? I'll be back with the next 'instalment'!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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