14 June 2014

It's ALL Sally's fault

Both of us have had the tatting doldrums recently but Sally recovered faster than me and showed me these diamonds she's been making. 

I was so impressed I thought I'd play again with the pattern which can be found here.

I decided not to go for the beads in the middles of rings like Sally but I put them on picots and on the outside of the motif. 

This was done with Lizbeth 153 (Rainbow Taffy - a real favourite of mine) and Lizbeth 104 (Summer Fun) with two plain Olympus threads. I used a size 40 for all of them.

I think the doldrums are over now - thank you, Sally - I have other projects in mind for the next few days!!!!

13 June 2014

Bag making continues!!!

I'm still busy, in between other things, making the new style of bags - the Squared Away Tat Bags.

There are a few in my Etsy shop here.

Must tell you a story about this session of bag making. I'd got the idea from somewhere on the internet and adapted it for my own idea of what it should be look like for tatters!!! 

I'd made a few (7, in fact) and then was forced to take a break for a couple of weeks while life took over.   Last Sunday was my first opportunity to sit down and start making more.  I'd got 11 cut out, pressed and ready to sew. 

So I started with putting the zip in the first one.  Easy peasy. Then I started the next part. I sewed it up wrong. I realised straightaway what I'd done and unpicked it. Then I sat and sat and stared and stared at the 'zip between four bits of fabric'!! What on earth do I do next, I asked BC3.  I walked away from it, thought about it more, wandered back and suddenly the lightbulb came on!!!!  I got it right this time - BUT the handle wasn't in the right place!!! !!!!!

FINALLY an hour later I sorted it out both the bag and the handle.  Then with BC3 - I was back in business!!!! I made more yesterday and this time I had no problems at all!!!!  These two below are in the shop.

11 June 2014

Another set!

Now I really like this colour way. So hard to let this set go as I like it so much.

It's got to go, though. My box (second one) is full of finished tatting and I can't cram anymore in at the moment.

So time to put the ear findings on and think about who to give it to or to put it in my Etsy shop.  Decisions, decisions!!!!

I've already got more jewellery than an old git could possibly wear!!!

10 June 2014

A larger horse

I'm not 'into' horses - never understood the attraction of them. I did once sit on the back of a pony when I was in my thirties. Frightening experience - no clutch, or gear stick and definitely no brake either!!!! Poor animal - I think it was as pleased as it was when I made my ungainly way off it's back!!! 

After re-writing the small horse pattern I decided to do a larger one to submit to Tat Days.  They didn't choose this guy so now I can share it!!!!  

Well, you'd think that would be easy enlarging the horse, wouldn't you?!?!? No WAY. I had to do a lot of alterations to make it work!!!

Well, best get dressed and have breakfast. 

Nearly forgot (what's new, eh?) - here's the link to this critter.

9 June 2014

Ready, Steady, GO!

Palmetto Tat Days registration is now open!!!

What ISN'T on the site is the fun that will be had by all.  Great food, lots of fun and a humungous welcome from the Palmetto 'gals'.  

Do hope to meet some of you there - it's a busy weekend for me but there are many odd moments to just 'tat and chat'.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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