10 June 2014

A larger horse

I'm not 'into' horses - never understood the attraction of them. I did once sit on the back of a pony when I was in my thirties. Frightening experience - no clutch, or gear stick and definitely no brake either!!!! Poor animal - I think it was as pleased as it was when I made my ungainly way off it's back!!! 

After re-writing the small horse pattern I decided to do a larger one to submit to Tat Days.  They didn't choose this guy so now I can share it!!!!  

Well, you'd think that would be easy enlarging the horse, wouldn't you?!?!? No WAY. I had to do a lot of alterations to make it work!!!

Well, best get dressed and have breakfast. 

Nearly forgot (what's new, eh?) - here's the link to this critter.


Madtatter80 said...

ahh, I want a pony!

God's Kid said...

Very nice horse!! :)

Elizabeth in Weat Virginia said...

I have two large horses I can lend you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mrs. Eborall, Only someone that lived on a farm an had to walk behind the stinky old cows after they been on green grass. Would understand the love of a horse. lol

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Happy Beaks
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