18 April 2015

A bit of a story!

Before I start - don't forget I've got an Elgiva Nicholls book finishing on Ebay tomorrow!!!  

Many years ago I used to buy most of my fabric from the Friday street market in Stratford. From before my girls were born there used to be two stalls selling fabric and when they were young I bought remnants a lot of the time which turned into their dresses. All my fabric for myself and them came from either Cliff or David (the stall owners). Both disappeared many years ago and I suppose it was around then that I stopped sewing clothes. Also ready made garments became cheaper and fabric from our local shop seemed to become more and more expensive.

Imagine my delight while walking through the market yesterday when I spotted a fabric stall. Do I need more fabric? Well, yes and no!!! No because I still have a bit left and am acquiring some from a friend but yes, because - well I get bored with what I've got and I can't resist a pretty fabric when I see it. 

So I asked the guy the prices of his roles and he said they were Liberty Lawn and that they varied. I knew that they would be more than I wanted to pay and also 'not quite' what I was looking for. He then invited me 'round the back' of his stall where he said he had some at a much more reasonable price!!!! Now 'round the back' for all you with vivid imaginations was NOT a hidey hole but the stall faced the other way too - towards the Lamplighter pub. Well I looked and looked and had to give in to these two pieces!!!! Just loved the elephants and then the brightness of the flowery one called my name too.  

So, do I feel more square bags coming over me?  Hmmmmm, yes, I think I do!!!!!

17 April 2015

It's all Sally's fault!

Exactly that. Honestly what would you do with little sisters?!?!?! 

I think this must be one of the fastest patterns I've ever done. Sally asked for a barn owl in a bit of a hurry. Said she didn't have time to do one herself so could I?  Well I'm never slow at taking a challenge although I have several in the pipeline (one is another design I did for her too!). 

So here, after just over a week, is the barn owl. There are sooooo many owls done in tatting that I thought it would be a huge challenge BUT BC3 was around with nothing to do and he said 'how about a sideways one'?  The rest, as 'they' say, is history and here he is.

I guess that with ear tufts and a bit of 'playing around with' he could be any 'sort of' owl but really I'd have to ask 'Anitra of the Owls' for more information about that.  This link that I've added is to her and her husband's site.  Anitra and her DH take in raptors etc and look after them in a rescue refuge.  She has lovely stories about owls.  

15 April 2015

Threads - part 2

Well the threads from Edda arrived very quickly considering that Easter 'got in the way'!!!! 

BUT imagine my surprise when I opened the packet and found these inside as well as the threads (see yesterday's post) that I'd ordered. WOWOWOWEEEEEEEEE.

I wrote to Edda straight away and thanked her profusely. Do you know what she said? Well, this is her reply "A little hank for every design of yours I made! You are so generous, too!!!"

These are her Penny size 20 and they work up brilliantly too. I'll show you a motif I'm working on another day (when I've found it again!). The thread works so well - no problems with it being slippery at all.  Now I'm torn between the size 20 and the size 30!!!  What IS an old git going to do?  Well, tat on, I guess!!!

14 April 2015

Threads - part 1

Now if there's anything I don't need in life then it's more thread. I've gallons, yards, oodles and more threads - BUT.

Lately there's been a lot of talk about the Ankars method of tatting and I've watched all the 'goings on' about it. I've not been tempted to try it, though as the thought of SEWING ON the beads after the tatting is done is an anathema to me. Don't ask me why as I can't explain it but I really, really don't trust beads sewn onto tatting. Well, that's got that off my chest!!!

I've seen the talk of using polyester thread for Ankars and again I held back as I have a dread of polyester thread. I bought some years ago and it was awful. It fought me at every twist and turn and in the end I gave it all away cause it was just tooooo darn slippery.  Ever met an eel?  Well it was worse than that.  Well, I guess so but I've never actually met an eel really.

Anyway, reading all the comments about Edda's polyester thread on Facebook gave me the urge to try some for 'regular' tatting (not Ankars) so I ordered some. Below are the two colours I chose in Penny 30. Here's a link to her shop - which is actually easy to use and if you get stuck (like I did!) Edda is always around to help.

So, my verdict on this thread? I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. It's tame and easy to use. I like the thickness of this size 30 which will make lovely handkerchief edgings and motifs.

More on Edda's threads tomorrow.

13 April 2015

Ebay listing and have you ever seen?

I've listed the tatting book on Ebay.  Here's the link.  Here is a link to my previous post too.

Have you ever seen a bollard cozy before? 

Well, now you have if you look below. 

This lady was at Crafternoon knitting one on Friday. For those who don't know what a bollard is - here's a link.  Now we couldn't find out what the reasoning is behind this but I think I must remind you that the last time we met she was knitting an asparagus!!!!  Bottom picture on this page.

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Happy Beaks
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