18 April 2015

A bit of a story!

Before I start - don't forget I've got an Elgiva Nicholls book finishing on Ebay tomorrow!!!  

Many years ago I used to buy most of my fabric from the Friday street market in Stratford. From before my girls were born there used to be two stalls selling fabric and when they were young I bought remnants a lot of the time which turned into their dresses. All my fabric for myself and them came from either Cliff or David (the stall owners). Both disappeared many years ago and I suppose it was around then that I stopped sewing clothes. Also ready made garments became cheaper and fabric from our local shop seemed to become more and more expensive.

Imagine my delight while walking through the market yesterday when I spotted a fabric stall. Do I need more fabric? Well, yes and no!!! No because I still have a bit left and am acquiring some from a friend but yes, because - well I get bored with what I've got and I can't resist a pretty fabric when I see it. 

So I asked the guy the prices of his roles and he said they were Liberty Lawn and that they varied. I knew that they would be more than I wanted to pay and also 'not quite' what I was looking for. He then invited me 'round the back' of his stall where he said he had some at a much more reasonable price!!!! Now 'round the back' for all you with vivid imaginations was NOT a hidey hole but the stall faced the other way too - towards the Lamplighter pub. Well I looked and looked and had to give in to these two pieces!!!! Just loved the elephants and then the brightness of the flowery one called my name too.  

So, do I feel more square bags coming over me?  Hmmmmm, yes, I think I do!!!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Who could resist?

Unknown said...

You got me. I collect elephants and that pattern is so sweet!

IsDihara said...

You demonstrated amazing restraint! These two are cheerful and fun.

muskaan said...

I really like the black one -- the flowers look almost free-style hand painted !! Would make a nice skirt, too :-)
Isn't it fun to shop ;-P

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I know I wouldn't be able to resist!

Pigmini said...

Now.... A certain OG giggling over 'back door' fabrics springs to mind.... LOL Hope you were nice to that nice man that invited you 'round the back'!!!

geraldine said...

Love them both. By the way is that a mouse that's popped in the picture ???? oh no just a slipper.

Madtatter80 said...

I love them both too, it is always fun to find a deal, if I was there with you, we would slap a high five :)

Unknown said...

Who could resist inspiration when it comes your way?

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