19 January 2013

Answer to the mess question!!!

Before I start today I just want to let anybody 'out there' who is taking part but hasn't sent in any pictures for the TIAS that if you're holding back for fear of privacy then please don't. 
I am very aware that some people don't want their names published and (as long as you tell me on each submission) then I will totally respect that. You could send in as just 'anonymous' or just invent a name for yourself. I NEVER pass on any email addresses to anybody unless asked to and then I would contact BOTH parties before doing it. I'm a great respecter of people's wishes.
Also even if English isn't your first language then please send things in - I use 'Google Translate'.

OK now for the answer to the mess I showed you here!!!  It's a hanky edging.  Actually there's a bit of a story behind this.  At the teacher's meeting before last Tat Days we were handed a goodie bag with some lovely goodies inside along with a handkerchief.  This had been added to the bag by Georgia (I think!) to become part of this year's scholarship fundraiser for 2013.  We were asked to add an edging to it - so I did!!!  The hanky is now back at Georgia's house for her to do whatever she's plotting with it.

18 January 2013

Day 3 now posted.

Well thankfully the TIAS is taking a lot of my time but I am still tatting - a bit.  

I'm finding it a bit hard to cope with dealing with comments and questions on two blogs at the same time!!!!!  I think I'll blog on this blog when I'm not putting a new day out.  Hope you understand.

So today I am just giving you the links to day 3 of the TIAS!!!!

First of all the cautious tatters who can find their link here.

Next for the intrepid tatters (you can change your status to cautious if you like) the link is here.

17 January 2013

Now what's this mess, I ask you!!!

Today it's Thursday (commonly known as gin and tonic day in this house!). I allow myself one on a Thursday but why that day I've no idea. I do have another sometimes over the weekend but Thursday is traditional!! OK, I'm rambling. Just meant to tell you that tomorrow I will put day 3 of the TIAS on the internet. We've already got over a hundred who have done day 1 and sent theirs in although that's not compulsory it's wonderful to see so many taking part. Thank you.

Go on, I DARE you to guess what this mess is. No, this isn't the TIAS but something else.

The TIAS is going SO well but you'll have to forgive me if I seem to take time getting to upload pictures and comments. There are many, many more people taking part this year, I think and I'm having such fun doing it. We should beat the goats which ended up being over 100.

15 January 2013

Two more hearts and TIAS day 2

Here are two links for Day 2 of the TIAS. This link is for the more cautious tatter who doesn't want to tackle a split chain. This link is for the intrepid tatter who doesn't mind the challenge!!! You can easily change your mind if the split chain doesn't work out and do a cut and tie if you like. I leave it to you. Help is at hand if you want it and my email address can be found at the side of the blog.

Also more of the hearts with buttons on. Am I obsessing over these now? I don't think so - just need more odds and ends to put in my 'just in case' or 'just because' box. This is a box of these sorts of odds and ends that I can turn to when I want to give somebody something. I call them 'just because' gifts. No occasion or obvious reason but 'just because' I want to give them something.

14 January 2013

I've been meaning to

First of all - tomorrow will be Day 2 of the Tat It And See so I'll be up early - well early for an oldie like me!!!!

I've been meaning to do this pattern again for ages but not on a cabone ring.

First of all I tried to make a simple middle for it but one which would allow an easy 'progress' from there to the split rings on the inner round.  No luck.  Then I decided to try it replacing the joins to the cabone ring with beads.  It actually works REALLY well just like that!!!  Maybe I'll have another go - another day but who knows!!!

I'd also got a weeeeee bit of thread left on a couple of shuttles that I'd been using for a design idea so as there wasn't enough to make anything big out of I decided to have a go at one of these emotitats.  Maybe I'll move them to the doodle page as they're really useful for the odd bits left on shuttles.  This is my favourite one for obvious reasons!!!  I LOVE smiling and making others smile!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.