27 October 2023

Second sock ‘syndrome’

Now I don’t understand this ‘second sock syndrome’!!!  I obviously don’t suffer from it because as soon as the first one was done I had to get straight on with the second.
Trying to analyse this and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because I’m terrified that if I don’t get on with the second one straightaway then I might not get it done at all!!!  So, having finished the cloth then the best plan was to get the second one cast on as soon as possible!!!

Ah, another reason to crack on quickly is because (of course) I’ve got other yarn lurking in the background too!!! 

25 October 2023

Second jacket finished

Sometimes things take time!!! 

This jacket was made over a fleece that the IT volunteers who work in the library were given many years ago.  Long before the pandemic.  It’s a lovely warm jacket and I’ve posted about it before but never got round to ‘quite’ finishing it.  I had to take out the side pockets as the zips were very large so I sewed up the slots which made an ugly inside front.  I luckily found some black fabric in my stash which was suitable for lining.  I lined the front and back but not the sleeves.

I added big patch pockets too so I could put my phone in one and probably other bits and bobs in t’other!!!

Then the poor jacket waited and waited as I didn’t need it due to the warm weather.  Eventually we had a cold spell and I went through my stash of tatting bits and found lots of ‘things’ (commonly known as motifs) from the ‘box in the cupboard) and sewed them on.  Very pleased with the jacket and have worn it out a few times.

23 October 2023

Results of the last Monday moan!!!

My inbox has become a LOT less busy since my last moan!!!  Not because I guess anything has changed in Tat Land but simply because I've taken action.
When I sat and thought about it I realised that the only thing I could do was to leave all the groups.  Well that wasn’t going to happen as I’m too darn nosy.  I then had a good look at the groups I belonged to and I left three which weren't very active.  

Then I had a brainwave (BC3 helped obviously) and I blocked the people who were forever advertising.  Shame really but I’m sure they won’t notice as they probably weren’t interested in me anyway!! 

I’ve had a lovely quiet week since.  

A picture of the river yesterday.  A bit high but at least it’s not over the banks yet.  We’ve been lucky here that we haven’t had the floods other parts of the country have had.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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