10 May 2007

Bags and motif

I realised after reading all the tatting lists about making bags that I'd never photographed my latest one!!! I made it back in the Winter but then it lay around waiting for me to sew on the bits and bobs! In the end I stuck these on with some fabric glue. You can see my eye, heart, 2 and T A T on this side with some of the 'trial' bead people. This is my 'everyday' bag as I always take it shopping with me - I'm trying to do my bit to save the planet for future generations. I'm hoping one day to add more to it. There are other pieces on the back but they're the patterns I'm taking to Palmetto with me so are still 'top secret'!!!!

I love doing bags and did one to take to Palmetto a few years ago. There's a link to it if you click on the title. You can also click on the pictures on there to see enlargements.

The motif I'm working on 'suffered' a few improvements last night and I've now settled on this as the 'finished' idea!!!! It needs pressing but the ironing board's been out twice this year!!!!

9 May 2007

Small motif

I'm making some small motifs to use for presents to take to family. They have to be sewn onto fabric. I'm playing with a 'combination' pattern of several that I've done in the past. Why, oh why can't I just get up off my butt and look in a book (I have well over 100 plus leaflets) instead of putting myself through the agonies of 'making something different'?
Anyway, here is the motif so far but I'm not sure it'll stay this way!!!! The background HAS to be burgundy so it's proving quite hard to find the 'right' colour to use for thread. I may go and play with combinations of fine threads instead of the green. It looks fine in 'real life', though. OR could this be a good excuse to buy more thread for my stash? No, no, no, Jane. Stay away from more thread temptations!!!!!

8 May 2007

Ring a Ring earrings!

This is an idea I've been working on and it's SO simple it really doesn't need any more skill than being able to tat rings. Tat's it, really, rings round a ring. I sort of used another pattern which is on my web site but replace parts of it with beads. I'm using this for earrings but another thought has occurred to me which I won't tell about just yet as I need to play first BUT this is just SO easy. Oh, a love of beads is probably a must too!!! Most of these are for a friend but I shall keep the pink and green ones. The photos aren't really showing them off very well but I think you can get the general idea!!!

7 May 2007

Another arrival in Tatland!!

Elvis is alive and living in Tatland! Honestly! Just click on the title to find out more!!!
Forgot to mention earlier - listed more tatting stuff on ebay!!! My seller ID is simply janeeborall!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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