10 May 2007

Bags and motif

I realised after reading all the tatting lists about making bags that I'd never photographed my latest one!!! I made it back in the Winter but then it lay around waiting for me to sew on the bits and bobs! In the end I stuck these on with some fabric glue. You can see my eye, heart, 2 and T A T on this side with some of the 'trial' bead people. This is my 'everyday' bag as I always take it shopping with me - I'm trying to do my bit to save the planet for future generations. I'm hoping one day to add more to it. There are other pieces on the back but they're the patterns I'm taking to Palmetto with me so are still 'top secret'!!!!

I love doing bags and did one to take to Palmetto a few years ago. There's a link to it if you click on the title. You can also click on the pictures on there to see enlargements.

The motif I'm working on 'suffered' a few improvements last night and I've now settled on this as the 'finished' idea!!!! It needs pressing but the ironing board's been out twice this year!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oooo that's cute, I like that motif!

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Happy Beaks
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