13 May 2007

Musical tatting

Now anybody who knows me knows that there's one thing I don't like and that's music. Apparently this makes me a very odd person!!! OK, I'll go along with that!!! I don't even like background music although I will admit to having been to two Beatle concerts when they were first popular in the 60's!!!
Anyway, this is really beside the point. A friend in the USA wrote the other day to ask me if I would make her up a pattern that she'd bought. It's the music doily by Christel Weidmann. My friend only wants the notes - not the whole doily. If you click on the title then it will take you to a page where the doily pattern is bing sold. You'll have to scroll down a bit!!
I (foolishly???) said yes! Anyway, it's all in German which isn't a big problem as there are some English notes with it and then there's always dear old Babelfish (the online translator) to help too. I sat down yesterday morning and spent a loooonnggg time translating it into 'Jane'!!!
I then tried tatting up my notes and the scan below is how it looks at a first attempt. Of course, me being me I didn't start with the easiest one which is sort of half moon shaped. I think this one is called a Clef but I've no idea what the other one's called!!! I can tell you in German, though!!! The big one (below) is called a Violin-Schlussel and the little one's a Bass-Schlussel!!!! I suppose I could go and translate those in Babelfish but it's much more fun like this!!!
Anyway, below is the first attempt. I think it's only really a matter of tweaking the last part and finishing off the last chain round the last ring. You can see where the threads trail off to the shuttles as bedtime called last night!!! More fun today as I re-tat it with amendments and tweaking and then start on the small one!!!


Anonymous said...

Jane - they would be bass clef & treble clef in English. The base clef is the one that looks a bit like a comma. The Violin-Schlussel in your blog is the treble clef.

bryce whitfield said...

do you have a pattern for it???

Jane Eborall said...

The pattern is by Christel Weidmann as mentioned and is written in German (from memory). Another lady asked me to translate it to English which I did. I have the file still but cannot let anybody have it unless they prove that they have bought a copy of Christel's book with it in. It would be contravening her copyright if I let anybody have it.

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Happy Beaks
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