8 April 2022

New snowflake motif

I put a teaser of this pattern on Facebook last week.  Now I have added it to my pattern pages.

This uses a technique that I came up with a while ago and used on this design and this one.

What I like about this new one is that it’s quick to make and is ‘just the right’ size to make as giveaways for Christmas.  I’ll confess - I’ve made loads of them already!!!  

6 April 2022

Finished blanket

This is the blanket I started waaaaay back to use up my stash of yarn.  It’s a good sized knee blanket as opposed to one for the bed.  Why?  Well I didn’t run out of yarn (reduced it by half) but I got bored.  Just couldn’t face another 11 knitted squares (at least) to make it bigger.  So I put a crochet edge around it and ‘called it a day’!!  

This will get donated to a charity - just got to find one that wants it.

For those who’ve not seen this before here’s the link to the pattern which I used and which meant no sewing the squares together at the end!  Win, win for me!

4 April 2022

Monday moan

My moan today is about myself.  Well I’m allowed to do that and get away with it!!!
I use the cloud a LOT.  I keep anything I’m working on up in the cloud then sometimes I get worried that I might lose it so download it onto my main computer as a ‘just in case’ thing.  I must’ve done this a long time ago with the Square in a Square pattern which I added to my website and blogged about a month ago.  The blog post is here.

This meant that when I came to finish it off and upload it to the pattern pages I’d inadvertently put up the WIP version.  I missed downloading the one I’d been working on from the cloud!!  I only found out because somebody wrote to me asking for help with it.  I can’t believe I could be such a dumbie.  I think it goes to prove that either people were afraid to say that the pattern didn’t have any diagrams or that nobody wanted it (except the one lady) anyway. 

I’ve put my stoooooopid mistake right now and the right version of the pattern is here.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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