13 October 2023

Plodding along

Things have slowed down considerably with the patchwork but that’s mainly because it’s a long way round on what is probably the final row.  
I say ‘probably’ because I’m not totally sure that this will quite fit and it may need an extra row on each end.  Whatever happens it’ll then need to be backed and that’s going to be another challenge!!!

11 October 2023

A cow!!!

I had this message from Mary Jane a week or so ago and I thought you’d like to see it!!!  She said

“My daughter in law has cows in her bathroom. So thanks to your patterns I made her one.   Fun too do. Thanks”

10 October 2023

There’s nothing like

Scrummaging through a friend’s button box!!!

This was last week at a neighbour’s house when we were looking for the ‘right’ buttons to put on the bunting.  We’d made (well, Jo made) bows to add to the places where the bunting is going to be tied onto the posts.  Just to hide the ends.  Well, that was a good excuse to have a rummage through Jayne’s button tin/tins!!!

Oh we did find the ‘right ones’ in the end but we had such fun searching for them!!!

9 October 2023


I don’t usually put personal ‘stuff’ up on the blog or on Facebook.  Mainly because I don’t think I’m interesting enough.
Well last week I hit 80 years old.  My lovely neighbours across the road took me out to lunch, gave me presents including flowers (see pictures) and that was lovely.  Another neighbour invited me round for a drink in the evening and we decided to have a ‘knit and natter’ evening.  BUT it turned out it was a surprise party with lovely friends and neighbours.  I was absolutely gobsmacked and had a MEGA evening with pressies, flowers and lovely nibbles’

Friday it was back to normal or thereabouts!!!!

Saturday more flowers arrived from friends who live ‘round the corner’ and my daughters plus other family all turned up with 3 out of 4 grandkids plus one girlfriend.  The weather was amazingly warm so we sat in the garden.  Around three o’clock they told me we were going out.  They ‘marched’ me into town to one of the big hotels where they’d arranged afternoon tea with Prosecco as well.  It was WONDERFUL 

We came home after and again it was warm enough to sit in the garden until it was dusk.  My son in law produced an amazing chilli con carne ‘out of the blue’ which was great as I’d not been told that any of this was happening.  WHAT a joy to be 80.  

I’m not sure what the family think but I’ve told them that next year I’m going to be 80 again.  Again and again and again.  THANK YOU to you ALL for an amazing birthday.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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