5 January 2018

Seven stars - AGAIN!!

At last I'm finally happy with the yellow star. I took a third thread out and just used two sewing threads this time and it's much, much better. 

Sorry about the wonky picture but it's only 'just' fitting on the scanner!!!

Meantime preparations for the TIAS continue and I'm having great fun helping another tatter convert a pattern. I really like doing things like this. 

The lass is using one of my patterns and changing it to make it an absolute gem. I'm doing the drawings for her which are proving challenging and interesting too. I'm always learning from these experiences too.

3 January 2018

An important update to the blog

I've been talking to Leigh and had forgotten that she has the MOST USEFUL web site on the internet. Least that's what BC3 and me think. I've added the link to the side of the page (top left) and hope you'll take time to go have a look.

It's called Something Under the Bed. Please DON'T click on the link unless you've got a cup of tea or coffee and some chocolate ready first as you'll spend hours there drooling and appreciating all the work Leigh has done for us all.

Here's a screen shot to tempt you over to look under the bed. Thank you, Leigh. It's a wonderful resource and one which I've visited many times in the past.

2 January 2018


This is a job I do regularly (updating patterns on my web site) and Stephanie reminded me of a pattern that desperately needed 'sorting out'. 

It's a lovely (even if I say it myself) little basket that I did many, many years ago. In fact I made over 80 of them at the time as they were given away at my youngest daughter's wedding. They were filled with almonds as favours for the guests. 

The pattern does require a few 'starts and stops' but nowadays split rings and split chains could be used to avoid some of those 'situations'!!!

The link is here - the same place as before!!!

1 January 2018

The 'joys' of thread!!!

Now today I'm showing you seven of the stars made from the diamond pattern which can be found here. 

OK, I'm showing the yellow one twice to prove that I cut out the yellow star in the top picture!!! It worked out just a teeny tiny bit bigger than the others. So, it's back to the yellow thread but this time with two wound together and not three. 

I really really thought it was going to be fine. All looked well until the whole star was completed. I still thought about it for another day or so before 'scissors over mind' took over!!! I hope to be able to show you the replacement yellow soon.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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