2 January 2018


This is a job I do regularly (updating patterns on my web site) and Stephanie reminded me of a pattern that desperately needed 'sorting out'. 

It's a lovely (even if I say it myself) little basket that I did many, many years ago. In fact I made over 80 of them at the time as they were given away at my youngest daughter's wedding. They were filled with almonds as favours for the guests. 

The pattern does require a few 'starts and stops' but nowadays split rings and split chains could be used to avoid some of those 'situations'!!!

The link is here - the same place as before!!!


IsDihara said...

A 'tis key, a tasket, such a pretty little basket.

Pigmini said...

It does look pretty... methinks it's gotta go on my roundtoit list... and that's growing!!

God's Kid said...

Sweet basket!!! :)

Sally Kerson said...

Lovely pattern and enjoyed tatting these many years ago so thanks for updating, this could be a new year project!
The garden trug next please!

Michelle said...


Jane Eborall said...

Message received and understood, Sally!!!! MAY get started this evening!!!

Maureen said...

I remember making these baskets for a grandchild's birthday party! Came across one just the other day, in a drawer. I probably made one too many at the time.

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