2 August 2019

Three shuttles? No probs!!

The main problem with this design is that I've not had time to get the pattern sorted and finished yet. I've had a REALLY busy time over the past two months but that is slowly slowing down but just in time for me to get serious about my trip to America and Palmetto Tat Days. 

I promise it will get done and hopefully soon. I enjoyed doing this pattern but really ought to get back to animals after my trip. In fact I'm almost wondering if I may even think of a TIAS. I'll decide in October!!!

1 August 2019

Pink pendant

I love this little pendant pattern and have made several. No, that's wrong - I've made LOTS!!!

I wear them a lot too. This pink one is to go with a new top I bought for my travels to America - just hope I remember to pack it and take it with me.  I couldn't decide which worked best - plain background or blue so you've got both!!!

31 July 2019

What I need

Is a new project for taking 'out and about' with me. 

I'm not sure if this is going to be 'it' but I'm going to start another Dora Young motif and see how I get on with talking (too much) and tatting!!! 

This is the motif on page 19 of her book and is really easy to do once you've 'trained your brain'. It's just the joining of the motifs that I have to 'look up' again and get into my poor old head!!!

It’s the first Dora pattern I ever tried and it’s the one that caused my love affair (which continues) with Dora’s work.

30 July 2019

The 'whatever it is'

Now this is the third version of the bracelet cum bookmark which has a NAME!!

I actually named this from almost the start as I thought the SCMR 'might' (with a bit of imagination) be a cockle shell. So this is called Mary Mary!!! Remember the nursery rhyme - Mary Mary quite contrary?  

The pretty flowers are 'all in a row' with the (remember - use the imagination) cockle shells between them!!! See - I CAN name things sometimes!!!

This third version has the DPR's opposite each other and the same with the SCMR's. Just HAD to try this out. This is also done with three shuttles too!!!

This time I'm going to make it into a bracelet!!  Well if I get roundtoit of course!!!

29 July 2019

A bit of a grumble

I got myself into a long 'discussion' on Facebook last week.

I'm not sure why I bothered as the lady concerned still seems to think she's right in what she did. I'm afraid I disagreed strongly.

The issue I got my old knickers in a twist about is copy tatting. This is where people see a high definition picture of a piece of tatting and sit down and copy it by following the stitch counts etc. I can see that this could be considered 'clever' and probably helps that person to understand the construction of a piece BUT I feel it's so, so wrong as they are denying the designer his/her intellectual property/copyright rights.  What's even worse is posting it on the internet and encouraging others to do the same.

If this becomes an 'accepted' trend in Tat Land then it's going to discourage designers from doing what they do best - sit for hours and hours, days, weeks and sometimes even longer designing, testing and perfecting their work. 

While I see it's probably 'helpful' and is (to a small degree) clever I think it's appalling that the people who do it then post it on social media (or elsewhere) showing how 'clever' they are and then not accepting that it's morally WRONG. 

Please - I ask for very little but I'd beg you to actively join me in discouraging this new trend of copy tatting, whether the original designer is named or not. I can see it leading to the demise of new patterns eventually.

No pictures today - there's nothing that fits with this as I don't copy tat.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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