19 August 2022

Marmelo - finishing the centre

The next part of this project was finishing the centre and this proved to be good practice for daisy making which will happen in the next row!!!  

Although this part was fiddly it was also no problem.  I love the little daisies.  For those in the UK who want the book - Roseground Supplies has stocks now.  The book is called Tatting Lace, Marmelo and the link should take you to the page where it’s listed.  

18 August 2022

Another day - another round!

Now this round was straightforward too.  Round 2.  BUT the next round looks VERY challenging so I’ll be slowing down then. 

Before I even start on round 3 I have to make loads and loads of flowers!!!  I’ll be seeing daisy’s in my sleep!!!!

17 August 2022

My new book

I mentioned this book back a few weeks ago and it’s only now that I’m able to start on the pattern that I bought it for.  

I’m not a fan of diagram patterns so this is going to be a ‘double challenge’.  When I started tatting back in 1956 all patterns were the fully written style and diagrams were non existent.  All you ‘got’ were a black and white picture!!!

The pattern is probably not the most sensible of all to make a start with but I’ve always been a bit ‘hot headed’ when it comes to challenges!!!!  I intend to work it front side/back side.  So here’s round 1.  Done and dusted!!

16 August 2022

Another bracelet

No, not mine, though. I had this lovely note from Brenda on Sunday which I’m going to post here - with her permission. She said

‘Dear Jane,
Thank you for another great pattern. The method of attaching the clasps to the end of the bracelet was new to me and worked very well. 
Hoping for rain here.
Ajax, Ont.’

Here are her photos 

15 August 2022

Monday moan

Well further to my moan last week I’ve had a lot of support from people all round the world and they’re all keeping an eye on what’s going on on ‘that’ Facebook group for me.  Again you’re welcome to email me if you want to know which group it is.

It’s all very petty as one person (who has since left the group) said out that a link to one of my technique pages that she put on the group was deleted.  I hope I’m not going to be blamed for encouraging people to leave the group which I certainly don’t want.  

Apart from Tat Land ‘problems’ the weather here has been VERY hot so not a lot of things have happened but I think I’ve got enough to show you for a few days blogging!!!  

A picture of a local park area.

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.