19 August 2022

Marmelo - finishing the centre

The next part of this project was finishing the centre and this proved to be good practice for daisy making which will happen in the next row!!!  

Although this part was fiddly it was also no problem.  I love the little daisies.  For those in the UK who want the book - Roseground Supplies has stocks now.  The book is called Tatting Lace, Marmelo and the link should take you to the page where it’s listed.  


Anonymous said...

Very pretty love the flowers

Jane McLellan said...

So sweet. Love those little daisies.

Anonymous said...

I love watching your projects as they grow into 'full bloom.' This one looks wonderful and I can hardly wait to see more.

God's Kid said...

Wonderful!!! :)

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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