19 May 2023

Another round!

This is the penultimate round of Robin's doily called Jan's Doily.

I will be finishing the next round hopefully by next week as I have another project in mind!!! 

What I've loved (apart from the design itself) about this pattern is the way it's been tweaked by Robin so that each stitch count works perfectly on every round. It lies flat, flat, flat and hasn't needed any blocking so far. Not that I ever do block as I haven't the patience!!!

Back next week with the completed doily - I hope!!!

17 May 2023

Bookmark by Angie

Angie popped in one day last week with this bookmark she'd made. 

I wondered whether she'd made a mistake as I honestly didn't recognise it!!! I looked it up as this is what she said:-

"I made your bookmark! Thanks for the pattern! 😍😍
I was using up leftover shuttles, so color choices... well they are what they are. Lol."

I like her colour combinations and I eventually found the pattern here on my site!!! 

I wonder where I would've got in my life if only I had been born with a brain!

16 May 2023

I have been

Plodding along with my bright green sweater.
Talk about 'straining the brain' - this one certainly has.  It's taught me the excitement of never knowing 'what comes next' in a pattern.

The top picture (look at right side of photo) shows how I finished up with what looks like a ‘strap-y’ top which is NOT what you want a sweater to be!!!  

If you look at the left side of the same picture you’ll see that the ‘strap’ is almost gone.

The bottom picture (although it’s not that clear) shows how I’ve picked up stitches around the armhole and have almost finished the short rows to make the top of the sleeve.  It’s a very interesting experience and not for the faint hearted.  The pattern can be found here.

15 May 2023

The next project!!

Well this and yet another project are now 'on the go'!!!

After the huge success of this jacket I decided to make another but this time with squares.

I'd got an old fleece which I rarely wore (the black one in the picture below) and which will hopefully make a warmer piece of clothing. The original is a Spring/Autumn weight and I wear it a LOT. I'm often stopped by people who say they love the jacket - complete strangers (we get a lot of tourists in the town) and it always pleases me no end. Specially when I point out it's homemade and onto an old shirt. 

Here's a few pictures to show you where I'm at as I started this new one a couple of weeks ago. 

The first picture is the fabric for the back completed. Then there's work in progress and finally the 'original' fleece. The thing with doing this sort of project is to not plan too far ahead!!! After my last jacket I thought I'd make all the fabric first this time and then fit it over the fleece. I may top stitch over the squares but I'm not sure yet. Any advice would be VERY welcome!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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