29 April 2022

A lavender basket.

Now after the success of the knitting basket which you can see here I decided to use some more of my finer threads to make a smaller ‘trinket’ basket.  

What I love about these is that you can make the base (which is a pretty standard ‘pattern’) and progress it until it’s the size you want.  Then you just carry on without increasing.

It’s ideal for BC3 when he’s in an ‘I can’t be bothered’ mood!!  

27 April 2022

Another project

I wandered into an outdoor shop a week or so ago as I was looking for a visor to protect my eyes.  This is the only one they had and I think it’s probably the ugliest one I’ve ever seen.

It had one good thing going for it - it was cheap as nobody wanted it.  

I took it to the till and said to the young lady - ‘this is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen’!  She was surprised I was buying it but I assured her that it wouldn’t look like this in a few days!!!!

Time to get BC3 out for a bit of sewing, I think!

25 April 2022

Monday moan

OK so today I’m going to be quite controversial and I know that a lot of you will totally disagree with me. 
I’m not talking about tatting videos but they do come under the same moan really.

My lovely friend Sandra sent me a link to a video on how to make a pouch - a sewing one.  I’ll show you another day.  Now this is ONLY on a video.  There are no written instructions.  No sound except music and not a lot of text either.

I am afraid that I’m of the ‘old school’ and I need written ‘destructions’.  Videos are fine for a technique but to do a pattern takes a lot more skill from the presenter.  With a video I miss being able to make my own notes on the pdf as I go along so poor old BC3 has to keep rewinding all the time.  GIMME proper written patterns with diagrams/pictures any day.  This constantly rewinding drives me MAD!!!  I suppose being an OG (old git) has got a lot to do with my problems but honestly ……..

I also am wondering if videos (now talking tatting) won’t make people ‘lazy’ and finally unable to read a written pattern.

Back off my soapbox and back to the wretched video.  Here’s a picture to cheer you up!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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