24 December 2011

And one for MEEEEE

Two more bookmarks.  
The lilac one is for my friend Ros - it's her birthday on the 30th.  Finally decided this would 'suit her' as she loves lilac.  The other is for me - at last.  My present to me!!!  AND IT WORKS.  I must say (sorry, it's bragging) that this is my bestest idea EVER.  I'll make more for the shops (Etsy and Folksy) once I've sold two or three more.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have all those new Lizbeth threads at my fingertips!!!  I've got them all in one box and the bestest part of all is 'cracking open' a new bag!!!   I love the fact that they arrive in the bags but they take up room in my storage system.  When I get time (and the inclination) I will order one of the thread holders which look fabulous online.

I also love my stash of HDT - that stays in a big ziplock back by the side of my tatting chair.  Where else would I keep it, eh?   It never goes back in the tatting cupboard where it 'should' be living!!!

23 December 2011

Bah Humbug - Christmas!

What does this time of the year mean to me?  Well, as a non believer in anything it's often been something I'd rather 'do without'.  I've had some terrible Christmases like most people, I guess.  

Nowadays I find it quite useful.  By that I mean it's a good excuse to buy presents, eat, drink and see the grandkids.  Really, though, I consider Christmas to be a good 'anchor point' to get things 'done by'!!!   

So this year the main thing that we decided back in November (or was it October?) needed doing 'before Christmas' was a new front door.  Easy - just ring our favourite 'window and door' people and get a quote.  Fine, quote arrived, deposit paid and then we realised there were cables running through the frame of the old door.  Importantly the telephone cable!!!  Telephone means internet and no internet would mean total disaster!  So a day was spent trying to organise that and now everything has had to be postponed til January!!!  That's 'after Christmas'!!!

The garden reorganisation DID happen and that's looking good.

Then there's been the washing machine which sprung a leak this week.  Mind, that took two attempts to get sorted!!

Still so far it beats the years I've spent dealing with the 'man on the roof' incident (trying to get a crime number from the police wasn't easy), trying to speak to NHS Direct (on Christmas Day), having to sort out plumbing problems for my dad (again on Christmas Day) and last year spending Christmas Eve in A & E after digging the car out of the snow!!!

21 December 2011

More lovely tatting in Chile

It's so good to hear from Irma again.  I'd sort of lost touch with Chile over the past few years for some reason or t'other.  Still we're back together again.

The first two pictures show work from Anita Muñoz and the third is made by Lily Brieba.  At the bottom is Irma's own version of the Snowflake 2004 - least I think that's what it's called!!!  Ah, just checked - it is and it's here!!!  How clever to find a small finding to replace the centre ring. Now I must go hunting in my stash to see if I've got anything like it.  Such pretty colours, Irma.

Irma said this "All jobs were different despite having the same instructions each of the girls put their best effort in carrying out their work.

Greetings and a big hug and thank you very much for spending part of his blog to Tatting is done in Chile."

20 December 2011


Today I'm going to show you pictures of Anastasjia and her cute little daughter called Margarita I am also showing my attempt at her little motif. 

The motif is challenging but when you've got the second repeat really simple and very pretty.

I have also added the pattern for the edging that I showed you the other day.  Here's a link.      the pattern for the edging (which is here) and the motif (which is here) have been added to the 'guest designer' section of my site.  Soon Anastasija will have her own web site but she's a very sensible lady and makes looking after Margarita her priority.  

19 December 2011

Hospital waiting rooms

Last week Nick had a hospital appointment and as we were a bit early out came my tatting.  I'm not a great one for tatting when we're out and about - crikey, moses, I need a break sometimes!!!  

Anyway, we were sitting there and suddenly a male nurse and two, three, four others descended on us all fascinated by it.  One of them even took my email address to get in touch with me for links on how to shuttle tat.  Will I end up in hospital teaching tatting while Nick's getting 'sorted'?  Who knows!

On the way back I mentioned all the excitement it had caused and he was heard to mutter - "Hurrumph, that's what happens when you get one nutter and a bit of 'string' - people are fascinated!!!"

Before you ask - I didn't clout him as he was only stating the truth (and I was driving at the time)!!!!  I did give a lot of butterflies away so must replenish my travelling kit sometime!!!

What was I making?  The small SCMR butterflies which are here.  Oh, and here below!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.