19 December 2011

Hospital waiting rooms

Last week Nick had a hospital appointment and as we were a bit early out came my tatting.  I'm not a great one for tatting when we're out and about - crikey, moses, I need a break sometimes!!!  

Anyway, we were sitting there and suddenly a male nurse and two, three, four others descended on us all fascinated by it.  One of them even took my email address to get in touch with me for links on how to shuttle tat.  Will I end up in hospital teaching tatting while Nick's getting 'sorted'?  Who knows!

On the way back I mentioned all the excitement it had caused and he was heard to mutter - "Hurrumph, that's what happens when you get one nutter and a bit of 'string' - people are fascinated!!!"

Before you ask - I didn't clout him as he was only stating the truth (and I was driving at the time)!!!!  I did give a lot of butterflies away so must replenish my travelling kit sometime!!!

What was I making?  The small SCMR butterflies which are here.  Oh, and here below!!


Marilee Rockley said...

Yay, more new tatters!

God's Kid said...

Oooh, fun bright butterflies!! :)

Sally Kerson said...

At this moment making these cute little butterflies from the stray bits of cotton that have surrounded me over the last month or so. Although I should be tatting legs for four robins that I need to finish!

Heather of Tatted Treasures said...

That's what you get for tatting in public! Oodles of attention and maybe an occasional convert. :)

This happens to me a lot, though I often end up tatting more when I'm out waiting in line somewhere than at home, as it comes in short bursts and that is easier for me. (Note: I finally know why. It is due to my Irlen Syndrome http://wp.me/p1KPJd-ot)

Those are some great colors for butterflies. Are they a bunch of leftover thread scraps, or does your travel kit have room for three balls? Mine comfortably fits two.

Jane Eborall said...

The thread is kept on two shuttles in my travelling kit. Spare bobbins already wound are in there too. Needed it a lot when my dad was alive as he had lots of appointments towards the end. I don't have shuttles with leftover thread on as I always wind ends back onto the balls!!!

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