25 September 2010

Still flurrying around and other things!!!

Well I've been and gone and done it!!!  What, you might (or might not!) ask.  I've tidied up tat corner and tat cupboard - AGAIN.  I spend my life trying to keep tidy and losing the battle big time.
I am working on new stuff and you might see some new things in my shop within the next few days but the patterns will not be available for a while.  The reason?  

I'm not being mean or a miserable old git - I'm 'saving up'!!!!  Yup, it's possible to 'save up' patterns but it's hard, very, very hard.  This is part of the reason I could never ever 'do' a book!!!

The new things will include very beaded earrings and bookmarks.  Oooooh, it hurts not to show but you can jolly well wait for a few days!!!!  I had to - while I was making the patterns!!!!

Here's another Flurry - must say I do like this one.  Oh, I say that each time I've finished one!!!

24 September 2010

Spoilt YET AGAIN!!

Do you know I just be the luckiest old git in the UK.

Below are two photos of the packet that came from Sandra (Crazy Mom Tats).  I think the postman has turned a shade of green with the two packets arriving one after each other!!!

Now, inside this packet are lots of gorgeous fabrics including some cat ones  (for cat lovers) and a hilarious cow piece!!!  Balloons and butterflies are also there!!  Can't wait to see these made into bags.  If there's anything there that 'takes your fancy' do ask.

Must tell you what I'm hoping to make soon.  A 'posh tote'!!  Well, one or maybe two!!  I'm 'parsimonious' by nature and hate waste so all the offcuts of the bags I've made get popped into a carrier bag for 'je ne sais quoi'.   That's French for 'what the heck am I going to do with these'!!!!!  Not that there are many 'leftovers' considering how many bags I've made!!!  So, last Saturday when I was walking back up through the town after my daily walk I decided I'd get some iron on vilene stuff.  You know - the stuff you put fabric on and then iron the fabric and it sticks to it.  Well walking is my thinking time but I'd not got any money with me so the idea didn't 'happen'.  I've not 'got round to getting it' since.  So imagine my delight when inside this packet was a HUGE quantitiy of this Pellon 'stuff' which is JUST what I need.

Amongst the other things in the packet were zips - 'adjustable' ones, beads, buttons and threads.  Now I've not seen Karey's threads before - they're HDT.  Dying (pun intended!) to try these and guess what?  They came with ezybobs too - YIPPPEEEE.

Thank you SO much Sandra.  I think I'm going to have to invest in another tatting cupboard although I'm doing my very, very best to pare things down my fingers won't work fast enough!!!!

23 September 2010

Spoilt again

Now this REALLY must stop.  I've been spoiled again by Sue Anna.

No, I don't mean it - honestly.  I LOVE being spoiled and very, very much appreciate it too.

Look at what she sent me yesterday.  Beads - beautiful, bright and sparkly beads.  Thread - Yarnplayer's wonderful thread in four thicknesses and to go with it Ezybobs to store it on.  I love those things.  Ooooh, and chocolate which I hid from Nick as he's not allowed choccies anymore!!!!  The beads are all sizes and there are some lovely red hearts which are crying out to be turned into Winsome drop earwigs.

Thank you SO much, Sue Anna. 

22 September 2010

A new pattern?

Well, not new exactly but a 'variation on a theme'!!!

This is what Nettie sent me to show what she'd done with the friendship bookmark.  She said this:-
"I thought you would like to see what I did with your patern.  I did two thirds of the battern and put it on a wire choker.  this was done with size 10 thread and 4mm pearls."

The model and recipient of the choker is her very pretty niece.  Perhaps shell want to learn to tat now?

21 September 2010

Back to being in a flurry!!!!

Not a hurry but another flurry!!  Before I start my daily 'talk to myself' post I must apologise for being a tad late yesterday!!!  I'm afraid I left brain cell 3 in bed having a lie in!!!

I can't resist this pattern at the moment - I do apologise.  I am slowly working on other things but they're TOP  SECRET at the moment!!!!

I'm very 'possessive' of some things when I'm working on them and yet I do want to share - go figure!!!!  

The last few months have been a bit busy and emotional but things are now slowly, but slowly getting resolved.  I can't wait to settle down into winter.  Hang on - I don't LIKE winter for many reasons but it's nice to give oneself the chance to get into tat corner a couple of hours earlier each day than I can in the lighter months!!!

So, brickies have gone, scaffolding down and soon the geraniums will have to be 'brought in' for the winter.  Flu jabs booked and central heating tested.  Roll on longer tat hours and the change back to GMT as opposed to BST!!!!  In other words - the clocks will change soon!!!!

After a few weeks and well before Christmas I know I'll be saying 'roll on summer'!!!  There's no pleasing some people!!!!!!  Does this make me a contestant for the title of 'really miserable old git'?!?!?!?

20 September 2010

Yesterday I did this!!!!

I listed three more bag sets in Etsy!!!! see below.

Well, that's not all I did but if I mention shed clearing (2nd shed)and the most humungously HUGE spiders you've EVER seen then you'd probably not want to know about that!!!  I think they were the dreaded 'Jane eating' species.  You are lucky to have me here today!!!  Two trips to the tip and the spiders were (hopefully) re-homing themselves.

Now these bag sets.  The first one is a paisley print.  There is a sort of gold 'thread' running through the pattern and outlining parts of it.

The second  set has a star motif on a beige background.  I was tempted to keep this set for myself.  It sort of reminds me of the American flag.

The third set has been offered before and I've sold several sets like this.  I think there's enough fabric to make another set too.  I love butterflies.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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