21 September 2010

Back to being in a flurry!!!!

Not a hurry but another flurry!!  Before I start my daily 'talk to myself' post I must apologise for being a tad late yesterday!!!  I'm afraid I left brain cell 3 in bed having a lie in!!!

I can't resist this pattern at the moment - I do apologise.  I am slowly working on other things but they're TOP  SECRET at the moment!!!!

I'm very 'possessive' of some things when I'm working on them and yet I do want to share - go figure!!!!  

The last few months have been a bit busy and emotional but things are now slowly, but slowly getting resolved.  I can't wait to settle down into winter.  Hang on - I don't LIKE winter for many reasons but it's nice to give oneself the chance to get into tat corner a couple of hours earlier each day than I can in the lighter months!!!

So, brickies have gone, scaffolding down and soon the geraniums will have to be 'brought in' for the winter.  Flu jabs booked and central heating tested.  Roll on longer tat hours and the change back to GMT as opposed to BST!!!!  In other words - the clocks will change soon!!!!

After a few weeks and well before Christmas I know I'll be saying 'roll on summer'!!!  There's no pleasing some people!!!!!!  Does this make me a contestant for the title of 'really miserable old git'?!?!?!?


TAT19540 said...

No way are you a contestant for crabbie! If your weather has been as miserable as it has been here across the pond, you are just in mood for a change!
Fall and Winter do that and turn our thoughts to all those lovely Christmas ornaments to tat! Besides what else is there to do during long cold winter nights BUT tat?!!! lol.
Your flurry snowflake has been fun to tat, though I need more work on making my SCMR look as nice as yours! I am glad your emotional roller coaster is finally coming to an end!

Kelly said...

Ah Jane, no sorry you cannot be a miserable old git. I will if you like make you an honorary Nebraskan. We complain about the winter and how it's cold and we have too much snow or not enough snow, then we complain about the summer and how it is too hot. We do have the most beautiful spring and fall of anyplace in the world. They last about 10 minutes each though. Oh, to be an honorary Nebraskan, you do need to be secretly pleased about your ability to tolerate the weather while complaining about it.

I love the colors and beads in the flurry snowflake you've shown on this post!

God's Kid said...

Jane, you sound as if you live in Michigan USA. I have lived here all my life and constantly people want a change in the weather, but....the only real problem is that they complain that the weather changes too often, but I hope you get your time to enjoy some more tatting and that it's peaceful! :)
Love your flurry flakes and that one looks like autumn here-which is starting to come into color now. :)

Tatman said...

OOOO...pretty Fall snowflake. I remember them a long time ago. Snowing and still fall leaves on the trees. We don't get that anymore. I am ready for Fall and winter. I usually don't want it to end until I am sick of it by February. But I NEVER want summer! Here in the midwest it is unbearable.
So nice that this old goat enjoys the sharing of the old git LOL!!!

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